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Reverse type II diabetes easily

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According to recent news it is considered as a major breakthrough in case of type II diabetes. The body may have a secret, untapped reserve of antidiabetic cells which can be used for treatment of diabetes.

There is a new type of cells inside the human body that have the power to cut blood sugar. According to diabetes experts, they haven't seen such cells before. It can be a new route in treating type 2 diabetes.

The cause of type II diabetes

When you eat something, the levels of glucose or blood sugar in your bloodstream. This triggers the release of insulin in the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone which helps your cells to absorb glucose and with that process it normalises the glucose levels in the blood. When you suffer from type II diabetes, your body cannot use insulin properly. This is a condition which is known as insulin resistance. Your pancreas is not able to make enough insulin to keep your blood glucose at normal levels.

Insulin production

To find a solution for this problem, scientists tried to find out what control insulin production. During their research they found that inside the pancreas there is a unique type of cell which produces, stores and releases insulin. These cells are known as beta cells. These cells are crucial for you because they decide when your body needs insulin and how much insulin to be produced.

It simply means that if you have a problem with your blood sugar, it is likely that there is something wrong with your beta cells. In case of type I diabetes beta cells are attacked and destroyed by the immune system. And that is why people suffer from type I diabetes. On the other hand, in case of type II diabetes it was found that the beta cells are dysfunctional and they are not able to produce the sufficient amount of insulin necessary for managing the blood sugar levels.

In 2016, UK researchers found that instead of reducing insulin, beta cells with doing something strange. They were not dysfunctional because of the harmful exposure to high levels of glucose and fat. The researchers found that the beta cells actually choose a sort of a hideaway to protect themselves from death caused by a stressful, toxic environment.

It can be explained as, if the pancreas is dangerous for the beta cells, beta cells try to save themselves by hiding away.

It was a surprising discovery that shocked many people including the diabetes community. After one year another shocking discovery was made by American diabetes experts. They found that human body had a hidden, untapped reserve of insulin producing cells. This is like a goldmine of insulin production.

The antidiabetic cells were hiding in plain sight. They were present deep within the pancreas. The newly discovered cells were called as small beta cells because they were not fully grown. The cells were termed as premature beta cells.

This was an interesting discovery because this premature beta cells could offer a new way for growing healthy, functional mature beta cells. It also provided a completely new insight into type II diabetes.

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