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Big diabetes lies that are preventing you from reversing your diabetes

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If you want to reverse your diabetes, you can do so. But for that, you need to know what you should do. There are some lies about diabetes reversal which are hampering your efforts to reverse diabetes. Let's find out what these lies are so that you can avoid them.

Big diabetes lie #1

Lowering blood sugar will reverse diabetes

You need to know the truth because high blood sugar does not cause diabetes; it is a symptom of diabetes.

There are some diabetes drugs available which can lower your blood sugar but after some time such trials used their effectiveness. When that happens, the doctor need to increase the dosage or add an additional drug. It will run for some time but after that your doctor will tell you that you will need to go on injectable insulin. This keeps happening because the medicine and the doctor is not addressing the cause of the problem. Diabetes may progress even after you continue to take medicines.

So, even though you try to lower your blood sugar with medicines and thereby try to reverse diabetes, it doesn't work. These medicines also have some serious side-effects and they can cause kidney failure, liver failure, heart attacks, cancers and strokes.

If you want to reverse diabetes, you will have to go after the root cause of diabetes which is insulin resistance.

Big diabetes lie #2

Exercise helps in reversing diabetes

Exercise is good and it will help you to keep healthy and fit. However, even though we believe that exercise is useful in reversing diabetes, it is not true. Scientific studies have found that regular exercise did not lead to improvement in blood sugar control, insulin sensitivity or the ability of the body to burn fat. Scientific studies also found that this resistance to exercise among people who suffer from type 2 diabetes in genetic and can be handed down from generations.

If you have tried exercising but you have not seen any improvement in your diabetes or fat loss, maybe because you are resistant to exercise like those people and in that case exercise cannot help you with your diabetes. Even in case of people for who exercise works, it can work as a diabetes medication, and will lower blood sugar but it cannot address the root cause, which is insulin resistance.

Big diabetes lie #3

Carbohydrates are your enemy

You have been taught that carbohydrates are your enemy and as a result of that all diabetics here carbohydrates. Low carb, high fat diets are often prescribed for diabetic people as a healthy alternative.

Scientific studies done in different periods of time found that it was not high carbohydrates, but high fat diets that resulted in insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Studies also found that a diet composed of rice and fruit, simple low-fat, high sugar and carbohydrates foods had no negative effect on insulin resistance at all and actually improved it.

Generally, it is believed that the foods high in carbohydrates will worsen the diabetes problem and will also increase the requirement for insulin and medicines. Different diets have been developed based on these principles. Studies found that increase carbohydrate in fact improved insulin resistance in people.

The main factor of diabetes is insulin resistance and if that can be addressed, it will help us reverse diabetes and make the patient normal again.


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