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How to reverse diabetes

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If you want to reverse diabetes, you will have to do a few things and make some changes in your life. Let's find out what you can do to reverse diabetes.

Start exercising

This is one of the most important things that you need to do if you want to reverse diabetes. This is the most significant change you can make in your life which will help you to get your diabetes reversed. Scientific studies have found that about 11.5% of the group which reduce their intake to 1200 calories from 1800 calories a day and increased activity levels 175 minutes per week experienced diabetes remission after one year. According to a report published by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Diabetes Association, which analyzed multiple studies on the effect of exercise on type 2 diabetes management, found that regular exercise helps control insulin resistance and blood glucose levels.

Use more cinnamon

Cinnamon is really good for you if you want to reduce your blood sugar level. A study published in the Journal Nutrition Research found that people who took a higher those of cinnamon found their blood glucose levels lowered more in comparison to people who consumed less cinnamon. Other scientific studies done in different parts of the world found that larger doses of cinnamon could lower fasting blood sugar more than smaller doses or a placebo. Cinnamon has high antioxidant content and so it is beneficial in managing diabetes.

You can sprinkle some cinnamon in different foods that you consume throughout the day. He can add some cinnamon to your oatmeal or yoghurt, use cinnamon to flavour your coffee instead of sugar or can add it to other snacks.

Reduce red meat consumption

If you eat red meat, if possible completely stop it or at least reduce your red meat consumption if you want to lower your blood glucose levels. You can also eliminate burgers, bacon and steak from your diet because that will help you to say goodbye to diabetes. Red meat contains high level of iron and that makes insulin less effective. It can also damage the pancreas cells that produce insulin. Processed meats also have high levels of sodium and nitrites and they can have similar negative impact on your health. Researchers who analysed millions of data in different studies found that people who are eliminated red or process red meat from their diet could lower their diabetes risk by 35%. Instead of red meat, you can choose plant-based proteins which include beans on nuts, lean poultry like chicken and seafood.

Fish oil

Fish oil is good for you when you want to reverse your diabetes. It contains omega-3 fatty acids which will keep your heart and brain healthy. They will also help you to manage diabetes. Analyses of different clinical trials found that fish oil increased adiponectin levels in people which are an important hormone for regulation of glucose.

Start yoga

Practising yoga everyday will help you to reverse your diabetes. When you practice yoga regularly, you'll be able to keep your glucose levels steady. Yoga will also help you to lose extra weight. Mental stress can result in a rise in blood sugar in people who suffer from diabetes. Yoga can help you to reduce your mental stress and thereby reduce the possibility of higher blood sugar. You also have many other physical and mental benefits for you.


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