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You can reverse Type 2 diabetes

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Is it possible to reverse type 2 diabetes? Even though some experts may suggest that this is not possible but the recent studies and results suggest otherwise. It is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes and you can do that with exercise and healthy eating.


Managing diabetes

If you want to manage your diabetes, you will need to make some lifestyle changes. You will need to make some changes which actually matter. You will have two follow a definite lifestyle so that you can get rid of the medicines and still function like a normal human being without diabetes. Some changes like shedding the extra pounds from your body will definitely help you to control your blood sugar. If you are within your weight margin, it will reduce the need to take medicines for controlling your blood sugar. Regular exercise will help you to burn extra calories and will help you to stop the progress of diabetes. It is important to move your body. Even if you exercise for half an hour every day, it will definitely help you to get away from your diabetes problem.

Reversing your diabetes

A study found that you keep your calories in between 1200 to 1800 per day and you exercise regularly for about 175 minutes every week, it will be easier for you stop using your diabetes medicine. It will help you to keep your blood sugar level at the normal level.

Reversing your diabetes will depend on several things- the duration for which you have the condition, severity of the problem and your genes.

Fat and your body

When you add more calories than needed to your body, and you keep doing it day after day, after some time these calories become fat. Such fat is stored under your skin, liver and your abdomen. If you have more fat around your abdomen, which is called as visceral fat, you are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. If the fat build up in your liver is too much, it than goes to the pancreas which is the organ that produces insulin for your body. After a short duration, this will hamper the process of insulin release after meals. As a result of that you will have type 2 diabetes and higher blood glucose levels.

That's why, reducing body weight and especially fat will definitely help you to reverse your diabetes.


For reversing your diabetes, you will need to focus on your diet you will need a die which is radical and which help you in losing weight. If you reduce the calorie intake, your body will start using stored fat. As a result of that, fat stored in pancreas and liver and other wrong parts of the body will be used up. Your pancreas will be able to secret the necessary insulin in your body. Restoration of normalcy of insulin release will ensure that your diabetes is reversed.

You may need to start an extreme low calorie diet to make sure your dream of reversing type 2 diabetes becomes true. You will also need to ensure that do not gain weight within a short period of time after your diabetes is reversed. Otherwise your efforts may be wasted if you gain more weight after a short period because that may bring back your type 2 diabetes problem. Besides maintaining a proper diet, you will also need to exercise regularly to keep yourself in shape and getting more fat deposited in your body.

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