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4 Signs That You Need an Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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Every case of addiction is unique in its own way, so it is sometimes hard to tell whether someone needs help with drug addiction or alcoholism. It is a reality that most addicts who abuse alcohol or substance at the expense of their family, career, reputation, and social life don't realize that they need addiction treatment. Those suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction are often the last ones to realize that they need help. That is because the addiction causes the addict to believe it is not the drug or alcohol that is causing problems in his life. The fact is that the addict would not understand the severity of his illness until the alcohol or drugs are totally removed from his system.

Due to the fear of withdrawal symptoms and the inability to distract from cravings, the addict continues to use drugs or alcohol. The cravings and withdrawal symptoms dominate logical thinking, which causes the addict to continue using a substance or alcohol. This means that the person who can't help himself to overcome addiction should attend the inpatient treatment as it is their only hope to find recovery.

This article lists down some important signs that you need an inpatient addiction treatment.

1.      You Have Failed to Stay Sober:

The biggest sign that you need an inpatient addiction treatment is that you have tried to get sober on your own but have failed every time. You may have attended several outpatient treatments and therapies for addiction recovery but have been unable to maintain sobriety and have relapsed back into addiction. If all the treatments have failed to work for you, it's time you should think of getting an inpatient treatment from drug addiction treatment centers. Often the people suffering from addiction seek day or outpatient treatments due to work or family commitments. If all your prior attempts to recover have failed, the structure of inpatient addiction treatment may work for you.

2.      You are Suffering from Depression or Mental Disorder:

If you have become overly addicted to alcohol or substance abuse, there is a high possibility that there are some mental issues that lie at the root of your addiction. There may be a deep-rooted psychological issue that has led you to abuse drugs or alcohol. Addiction treatment professionals understand that because many addicts in inpatient rehab are also diagnosed with mental disorders. If you are having a co-occurring mental disorder, you must seek professional medical help in a residential structure so that your mental illness is also addressed that triggers you to abuse alcohol or drugs.

3.      You Don't Have Drug Free Environment:

One of the primary reasons why you should consider getting an inpatient addiction treatment is that you don't have a drug free environment that supports your recovery towards a sober lifestyle. You have easy access to alcohol and drugs outside the inpatient rehab center. You may have some friends or relatives coming over your home and drink alcohol. All of this can trigger you to relapse when you are trying to stay sober. That is why it is essential to cut off from the world if you want to recover from chronic addiction. During an inpatient alcohol and drug treatment, you will be under constant observation of medical professionals. You will also get healthy meals and adequate nutrition necessary to help you in the process of recovery. You will get a safe and drug-free environment necessary to make your recovery successful.