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How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol addiction is an issue which millions of people around the world are dealing with and for many this addiction can tear apart their lives. There are many stages of alcoholism and whilst many people enjoy a drink, it can be very easy to cross the line into dependency. Alcoholism isn’t just used to describe those who drink from morning until night, many people who function well during the day have a dependency on alcohol which can start from a bottle of wine per night, and very quickly grow into something bigger. If you feel that you have an addiction, here is how to overcome it.


The first step in overcoming any addiction is facing up to the fact that you have an issue, only then will you be able to reach out for the right support. It can be difficult for many to admit that they do have a problem, but doing so is the first step to your recovery.


It is important that you tell your family and friends that you have an addiction, this will be very difficult but it will encourage them to help you in overcoming your demons. Trying to quit on your own isn’t possible if you have friends and family members offering you a night out or a drink, so make sure that everyone in your close network knows what is going on.

Pros and Cons

A simple pros and cons list for your drinking habits can really help you to learn why you drink and in doing so you can make a plan for how you will stop. Think about when you drink and how it makes you feel, do you drink more when you are in a certain mood or after a certain event? This list will help you drill down into the root of the issue and then help you to overcome them.

Set Goals

The road to recovery will be a bumpy one which is why it is important that you set yourself milestones. You could start gradually by cutting out alcohol between Monday and Friday, then start to limit the weekend consumption and gradually move towards a quit date. Following this you must celebrate success when you have had a period of time without drinking.


Try to replace your drinking with other activities such as playing sports or attending classes or clubs on an evening. If you don’t replace your drinking time with activities then you may slip back into drinking again.


Treatment for alcohol addiction has many components and if you feel that the problem is too big or you don’t feel confident in your own ability to quit, you can reach for help at a rehab centre who can address each of these areas. Here you will find trained professionals who will help you to understand why you drink and they will help you to formulate a plan which will hep you to curb your habits.