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Arthritis pain relief

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If arthritis or osteoarthritis is causing pain, you don't have to bear it. There are different medications available besides many other treatments which can offer you relief. Even though some of them may not get rid of your pain totally, they can offer you relief so that you can do things you need to do.

Treatments without medications

There are non-drug treatments available for arthritis pain relief. This can be your first option. They have many benefits. By making some lifestyle changes, you can reduce this pain.

Exercise can help you here. It relieves joint pain and stiffness. One study done on people suffering from arthritis found that exercise worked as well as anti-inflammatory pain relievers. But you need to remember to do it regularly. If you stick with exercise, you will get regular benefits.

In exercise, you need to do cardio, which will help you keep your heart and lungs strong. You can go for good low-impact exercises including walking, biking, swimming, tai chi, and yoga. You can also add resistance exercises, which will help you build your muscles and will also support your joints. Stretching movements will help you stay flexible. You can talk to a physical therapist or your doctor to find out the right type of exercise for you.

If you have arthritis, and you are overweight, you will need to lose some weight. Weight loss will reduce the stress on your joints, especially in the knees and hips. It will also help you get relief from pain. You need to lose at least 10% of your body weight and that can reduce your pain by half.

You can also use working age, such as canes and knee braces, because they will help you ?reduce the stress on your knees and joints. If you have arthritis of the thumb, splints can help you.

Over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications

There are several over-the-counter pain relief drugs available that cost very little and can help you get relief from the pain. They include acetaminophen (such as Tylenol) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, such as Advil or Motrin), etc. 

Acetaminophen can reduce mild arthritis sprain. However, you need to take it carefully because many other medicines may also have acetaminophen. If you're taking too much of this medicine, it can cause liver damage. If you have a liver problem or if you drink more than free alcoholic drinks a day, it may be better if you do not take this medicine.

NSAID can also lower swelling and reduce pain, but they have less effect at lower doses. If you are a healthy person, you can take them for short periods with no problems.

Order OTC pain relievers

Besides OTC medicines, there are supplements and creams that can help you get relief from arthritis pain. You can buy them at the drugstore. There are topical treatments available along with other medications.

You can use supplements of glucosamine and chondroitin. If you have moderate to severe or flight is knee pain, this combination will help you get relief from pain. If you want to try it, you need to take it for at least three months to see the results.

You will also find skin creams made from capsaicin, which is an extract from chili peppers. It may help relieve mild or fly to Spain. While using such medicine, you may feel a mild stinging or burning sensation.

If you need an effective medicine, to get relief from arthritis, then try Voltaren Arthritis Pain Gel for Powerful Topical Arthritis Pain Relief. It is a doctor-recommended topical pain relief brand for which you don't need a prescription. It is clinically proven to relieve arthritis pain, improve mobility and reduce stiffness, aches, and pains to provide prescription-strength arthritis pain relief. 

It is an alternative to pills and is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory gel that combines the benefits of an arthritis cream and gel for arthritis pain management. This diclofenac sodium topical gel penetrates deep to attack arthritis pain directly at the source of inflammation, treating arthritis pain rather than just masking it.