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Essential steps to cure osteoarthritis

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If you want to cure osteoarthritis, it is possible to do so even though some of the doctors you have met may think otherwise. There are a few steps which will help you to cure osteoarthritis. They include-

Balance body pH

When accumulation of West waste build ups in the joints, you suffer from osteoarthritis. It is possible to stop the accumulation and to do that, you will need to alkalise your body. You need to drink only pure water and exercise every day and along with that you follow and alkalising diet, it'll be possible for you to alkalise your body. Such a diet will contain lots of organic fresh fruits and vegetables.

Identification of problem foods

If you want to get rid of osteoarthritis, you need to know that there are some foods which will increase the possibility of suffering from this problem. These foods may lead to osteoarthritis or may worsen the existing problem. What type of foods are problematic for you? You should avoid eating foods that trigger flare-ups in your joints and those which make your symptoms worse or make you feel bad. You should completely avoid those foods and the possibility of osteoarthritis will go down along with worsening of the existing condition. You should avoid is that contain harmful anti nutrients like phytates, lectins or gluten.

Treat nutrient deficiencies

If you are suffering from nutrient deficiencies, then also the chances of osteoarthritis increases. Cartilage cannot repair itself without a sufficient supply of nutrients and if it cannot repair itself, you will suffer from osteoarthritis. That is why, it is important that you provide the necessary nutrients to your body to avoid any possible problems. It is possible to provide your body with the necessary nutrients with the help of the food that you consume every day. You will have to understand about the foods and the nutrients they supply. To ensure that you get the necessary nutrients from your food, you should provide your body with super foods and whole foods and organic supplements.


Not just simply exercise, you should exercise a lot. Cartilage is noticed by the synovial fluid. What is the relationship between cartilage and exercises? If you exercise regularly, it will help you to increase the amount of synovial fluids in the joints and that will ensure that you do not suffer from osteoarthritis. This is a simple and effective strategy which will help you to avoid osteoarthritis and reduce the flare-ups if you already have it. Different types of exercises are available and you should focus on those which will put more emphasis on different joints and cartilage in your body. Regular exercise will also help you to avoid other problems and will keep you healthy. Regular exercise will ensure that different parts of your body have full range of motion which is again important to avoid osteoarthritis at a later stage.

Reprogram your mind

Our minds have so much power over our lives that it can completely decide what our life will be. Our subconscious mind specially have strong powers and it can completely change your life. Scientifically disproven that your subconscious mind effects your physical health. If you remove harmful subconscious programs using different techniques available and focus on adding more positive programs in your subconscious mind. You can program your subconscious mind to believe that it is possible for you to completely get rid of osteoarthritis by yourself using different techniques.


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