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3 pillars of self-healing

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Self-healing can be very important for you if and not benefited from other types of healing processes and methods. Sometimes the conventional treatment of fish may not help you to get relief from the problems you are suffering. In that case, self-healing is a process which will help you to get rid of the problem you're facing which can be both physical and mental.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. You will have difficulties in life, you will have pain in life but that doesn't mean that life is not beautiful. Life is beautiful and you have the right to be happy and enjoy this life. You deserve healing so that you can enjoy this life.

You already have those tools which will help you to heal yourself

The three pillars

The three pillars of self-healing are-

  • 1.       Faith
  • 2.       Gratitude
  • 3.       Guided meditation

There are some things which are preventing your recovery and also preventing you from living the life that you deserve. Such things include-

  • ·         Inner conflict
  • ·         Resistance
  • ·         Negativity
  • ·         Limiting ideas

The three pillars of self-healing beneficial for you because they will help you to overcome all such things that are preventing you from living the greatest life that you can have. These pillars will help you to gain insight and wisdom, strength, courage, confidence and certainty. This pillars will help you to find peace, happiness, contentment, Joy and satisfaction with life.

It does not matter how unhappy you are right now or how much pain you are feeling emotionally or physically, there is always something that you can do which will improve, repair or strengthen your life and will help you to get out of such pain and unhappiness. These pillars of self-healing is a guide that will teach you how to completely change a state of mind. And when you can change your state of mind your environment will change automatic because your environment mostly depends on how you perceive things and your perceptions depend on the state of mind you are in. Once you learn how to use these pillars, you'll be able to change hopelessness and despair for positivity and enthusiasm. It will also help you to exchange sadness for joy, weakness for strength, pain and suffering for tranquillity and ecstasy in life. You'll be able to wake up each morning renewed and lively and excited for what the day will bring for you.


Helping faith on yourself, on a higher powers, on your abilities and the important things in your life will help you to heal yourself. There will be many problems in your life and faith will help you to fight them and win even though it may take some time.


Once you learn how to express your gratitude, it will help you to heal yourself by letting go of all the limiting believes, pain you are keeping inside you.

Guided meditation

With guided meditation, you'll be able to learn how to meditate. Meditation is a very powerful mind and body practice which helps you to heal your mind and soothe your soul. You'll be able to shut out the distractions around you and focus on what's important for you in life.

Guided meditation can also help you to relieve the pain you are suffering from. If you are suffering from a pain caused by a nervous condition, injury or illness, guided meditation can help you to find out how you can alleviate all those pain. You'll be able to get rid of pain for good.


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