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How to stop binge eating

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If you binge eat and one to control it, you may find it little difficult to do so. Binge eating disorder has become a common eating disorder in different parts of the world. Here, you yet and usually large amounts even in the absence of hunger. It can damage your health and also leave you feeling guilty and ashamed.

Let's find out how you can stop your habit of binge eating.

Ditch the diet

Fad diets are often very unhealthy and they are mostly overly restrictive eating methods. Such restrictive methods can trigger episodes of binge eating. Different scientific studies have found that such diets often result in higher risk of binge eating. Instead of following diets which force you to cut out entire food groups or calorie intake so that you can lose weight quickly, you should focus on making healthy changes to your diet. You can eat more whole, unprocessed foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. At the same time you will need to moderate your consumption of treats, sweets etc. and if possible completely avoid them.

Do not skip meals

If you want to avoid binge eating, you will need to avoid skipping meals. You need to have a regular eating schedule and it is always better for you to stick to it as that is the most effective way to stop binge eating. When you skip a meal, it can result in cravings and that may itself increase the risk of overheating. A scientific study found that eating one large meal per day increased levels of blood sugar and the hunger stimulating hormone ghrelin than eating three meals per day. So, eating three small meals per day will be much better for you instead of eating one big meal. When you eat at the right time every day, it will decrease the frequency of binge eating.

Drink more water

Drinking more water will not only help you and keep you healthy, it can also help you to stop binge eating. When you drink plenty of water throughout the day, you have found a simple and effective way to curb cravings and stop overeating. When you drink more water, you're likely to decrease calorie consumption and you'll also feel less hungry. If you drink half litre of water before eating a meal might will decrease the number of calories consumed. Doing that will also significantly different hunger and calorie intake besides increasing feeling of fullness during the day. When you drink more water, it can also boost your metabolism and increase weight loss, which are some other benefits that you can get besides stopping binge eating.

Practice mindfulness

Practising mindfulness will also help you to stop binge eating. In simple words mindfulness is a practice where you listen to your body and pay attention to how you feel at the present moment. It will help you to prevent overeating as you will learn to recognise when you no longer feel hungry. Mindfulness will decrease the incidence of binge eating and also emotional eating. If you can combine mindfulness along with cognitive behavioural therapy, they can improve eating behaviour and self-awareness. It simply means you are listening to your body and can recognise when you no longer hungry. Eating slow will help you to stop eating more food and thereby stop your binge eating.


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