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How to manage arthritis better

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Arthritis is a painful problem and it can restrict your movements and thereby can reduce the ability to do things and enjoy. However, there are a few steps that you can take to manage arthritis. You need to protect your joints, reduce discomfort and improve mobility to better manage arthritis. Let’s find out what you can do to manage arthritis better.

Keep moving

Even though if you’re experiencing pain it can be difficult for you to move but if you keep moving it’ll be easier for you to manage arthritis. Do not hold one position for too long. If you are working at a desk, you can always get tough and stretch every 15 minutes. If you are watching television or sitting at home doing something else, you can do the same. Simply get up, stretch your body and walk for a few minutes before coming back and starting your work again.

Exercising will help your body not only to become more fit but it will also help you to lose weight. Regular exercise will maintain flexibility in your joints. Clinical trial low impact exercises like water aerobics or swimming which will help you to flex your joints without any more stress. You should always avoid weight bearing exercises like running and walking because they can be damaging for you when you’re suffering from arthritis.

Discover your strength

Discover your strongest joints and muscles and then put them to work. If you want to protect your finger and wrist joints, you can push open heavy dose using the side of your arm or shoulder. The same way you can also decrease hit on knee stress when you are climbing stairs by allowing the strong leg lead going up and the weaker leg lead going down.

Consume the right fatty acids

Consuming the right fatty acids will help you to manage your arthritis better. People need omega-3 fatty acids for optimum health and you can always include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. You can take fish oil supplements because they are high in omega-3s and they can reduce joint stiffness and pain. Another fatty acids which is helpful for you is gamma-linoleic acid or GLA. It is present in seeds of certain plans like evening Primrose, hemp, borage and black currants. The oils of such seeds are easily available as supplements and you can use do supplements.

Use labour saving devices

There are different labour saving devices and adaptive aids which can help you to manage your arthritis better. Simple gadgets and devices can help you to perform daily activities better without much stress on your joints and bones. There are devices which can help you to perform activities like cooking, gardening or even getting dressed. Rubber grips, longhand handled grippers, are some of those devices which will make it easier for you to perform different types of daily activities. Long handled grippers can help you to grasp and retrieve out of reach objects. Rubber grips will help you to handle faucets, pans, toothbrushes and silverware better.

Plan ahead

Little planning ahead can simplify and organise your routines so that you can minimise movements which are painful or difficult for you. Arrange things and items that you need for daily activities at a place which is easily accessible for you.

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