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How to get a flat stomach

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If you want a flat stomach and six-pack abs, then you will need to do something which other people are not doing. You will need to focus on your core more than other areas of the body. Let's find out how you can get a flat stomach.

Small meals throughout the day

You will need to eat six small meals every day to get the desired flat stomach. You will need to improve your metabolism and get rid of the abdominal fat and both can be done with the help of the right diet. When you eat large meals and then have a lot of space between eating, your body will think that you are starving yourself. If that happens, the body will start to store most of the calories as body fat. You can eat your biggest meal of the day at breakfast. Also drink lots of water throughout the day.

Focus on protein packed meals

Whatever you are eating in the meals, your focus should be on eating more protein. You will need to reduce your intake of simple carbohydrates like white bread and pastas and rice and focus on getting more lean protein like Turkey, eggs, omega rich fish, chicken breast and whey protein powder. Also limit refined sugar intake and consume carbohydrates like Brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal and multigrain bread. You will need some good fats in your diet which are available in Salmon, nuts and avocado. Also include lots of fibre in the form of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Cardio training

Regular exercise becomes a very important part of your life when you want to have a flat stomach. Performing cardio exercises for 30 minutes every day for 3 to 5 days a week will help you to get the best results. Interval training is another exercise that you should include in your exercise regime because it will help you to lose more belly fat. There are different variations available and you can also customise these exercises as far your need and preferences. But remember that regular exercise is a must for you.

Strength training

For achieving the dream of a flat stomach and six-pack abs, you will need to add strength training in your life. It is essential because it can boost your metabolism by increasing your overall muscle mass. That will help you to lose more body fat and keep it off. You will need strength training at least twice a week and should focus on the major muscle groups like biceps, shoulder presses, lunges, squats and push-ups. If you're a beginner, you can start with static exercises like front and side planks and stationary exercises using a medicine ball. When you have some strength, you can go for more advanced exercises.

Manage your stress

Your waistlines are greatly affected by stress. It is more so in case of women. When you have more stress, it will affect the levels of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can damage your body if it is available at a higher level than the normal. It may result in storage of abdominal fat and breakdown of the muscle and may also reduce your metabolism. Some self-care will help you to reduce your stress. You can go for a short walk, red a few pages of the good book, meditate or start yoga to manage your stress.

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