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The Aging Process: What Really Happens to Your Body?

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It’s something that we all want to deny, but like it or not, aging happens.

While there are all sorts of stereotypes doing the rounds about getting older, today’s article is going to take a look at some cold, hard facts.

We will now jump into some bodily changes that everyone goes through as they enter their advancing years, to show what growing older is really about.


You won’t look as “buff”

As age catches up with us, our bones, skin and muscles all start to suffer. Bones will shrink, skin will tighten while muscles lose strength. For women this can mean their breasts can start to sag, which is one of the reasons a Miami breast augmentation procedure is so popular.

This is also one of the reasons why it is important to look after your bones and muscles. Turn to calcium to strengthen your bones, while prioritise exercise so that your muscles are still active.

Your heart rate doesn’t increase as much during exercise

If you have performed any sort of research on the effects of exercise on the human body, you will probably remember the equation focussing on your maximum heart rate. This is calculated by subtracting your age from 220.

So, why do you subtract your age? This is because as you get older, your blood vessels and arteries start to stiffen. The upshot of this is that your heart has to work harder in a bid to get blood pumping through them. This doesn’t involve your heart rate beating faster though; it just means more blood is flowing through them.

It means that you have to be a little more careful, as this is something which is affecting your blood pressure and can subsequently cause all sorts of cardiovascular issues.

You might go to the toilet more often

You may have heard the stories of older people having to use the toilet more often, usually in the night. This is because as you get older, your bladder isn’t quite as elastic as it once was.

You can help the matter somewhat, with Kegel exercises being one suggestion. Also avoiding the likes of alcohol and caffeine which typically irritate your bladder is something else that can help enormously.

It becomes harder to stay slim

Finally, something else that you will find as you grow older is that it becomes harder than ever before to stay slim.

This is mainly due to your metabolism, which is the system which dictates just how fast your body burns calories. Suffice to say, it starts to slow down as you age, and this means that it’s just a little more difficult to shift those extra pounds.

Most people will still eat the same as they grow older, but the changes in their metabolism means that their weight will increase. The only way to prevent this is to take on more physical activity than you used to, and this should burn those calories away.