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4 Natural Methods to Increase Your Breast Size

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Once upon a time, there was only one known method to have larger breasts. This went by the name of a breast augmentation and few would disagree that this is still the most effective way to enhance this area of the female body.

However, it no longer has to be the only method. Research has uncovered umpteen natural methods to increase breast size and while the effects are nowhere near as significant as the surgery, they do make a difference.

This is what today’s article is going to cover, as we mull over some of the best natural methods to increase the size of your breasts (or at least trick eyes into thinking they are bigger than they really are).

Sometimes it comes down to moisturizing

It sounds ridiculous but believe us, moisturizing can work like a charm when it comes to making your breasts look a little fuller.

Why does this happen? As we get older, our skin tends to get a little saggy. It means it droops somewhat, and this obviously has major repercussions for the way in which our breasts look. Sure, moisturising is by no means a magic formula, but it will change the complexion of your skin and this can at least make it appear as though your breasts are in better shape than they really are.

Tap into exercise

Another quick win when it comes to the size of your breasts is through exercise. Again, this is all about tricking the eye, but certain exercises can work wonders when it comes to the shape of this area.

If you can hone in on exercises which focus on the pectoral muscles, you will be onto a winner. This means tapping into the likes of push ups and even the chest press “ both of which work wonders for this area of the body and will make a striking difference to your breasts.

You are what you wear

We hate to say it, but some women are just restricted because of the type of bra they are wearing. In some cases, if you are wearing a bra which doesn't fit properly, you can actually restrict the amount of blood which is finding its way to your breasts. The result is that your breasts can become almost torpedo shaped, and this obviously isn't the look that anyone is looking for.

Just stand up straight

Let's leave the simplest method until the very end. Again, it might be another suggestion which sounds ridiculous, but merely by standing up straight you can make the world of difference to the way in which your breasts are perceived.

Why does this happen? Well, if you are hunched over, your breasts are likely to follow the silhouette of your body. However, if you stand up tall, suddenly they become a lot perkier and this can make a monumental difference to how they look to the naked eye. Sure, they might not have grown, but their shape will have changed and this can make just as much difference.