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Meeting With a MMJ Doctor Online: How It All Works

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As ironic as it may seem, people can already easily approach medical marijuana doctors to see if they're qualified as a patient. Getting certified is not an easy process but with the market growing, doctors strive to get certified. And now that the world is becoming more and more techy, these doctors are even exploring online consultations with patients. But the question is, how does this process work and is the process even safe and legit? Let's break it down and see for ourselves.

How It Works

There are already so many doctors online who are connected with various medical marijuana websites. In this innovative world, it's not hard to find a medical cannabis doctor online. Whether it's based on a state or just some random website, all of these sites have 3 common steps. These websites provide online cannabis recommendation services and claim to be legally practicing such services for various states in the United States.

Regardless if it's with MMJ Doctor or a different website, the process is pretty simple and quick. Most people can just get it done with in a few minutes or so. But that really depends on your chosen website and the quality of service they offer. Mind you, these services don't always come cheap. 

Now before dive into the process itself, let's clarify that there are two kinds of processes for different websites. Others require booking an appointment with their resident doctor, while others just need a filled-up application form. These two kinds of processes go down different paths, that's why there's a need to differentiate them.

Let's start with websites that require booking an appointment. For this kind of website, payment is usually done before you get to book an appointment with a doctor. The fee includes the consultation service, medical evaluation, physician copay, and approval recommendation. Until the time for your appointment, it's pretty much a waiting game.

During the session, you get to talk to a medical marijuana doctor about your condition and ailments. Sessions may either be done through a video call or through a personal appointment, if you happen to live in the same state. This session will determine whether you can get a recommendation for medical marijuana treatment. The recommendation will be mailed to you and, depending on where you live, might immediately grant you access to marijuana dispensaries. If not, you need to wait for your card.

For the websites that only require filling up an application form, the first step includes typing personal information and answer questions related to the reason why you want to be recommended for medical marijuana. This is crucial to determine whether or not you're really eligible for it, given your condition or symptoms.

After filling up the application form, you'll have to wait for approval. Once you get approved, you'll immediately receive an email for a copy of the doctor's recommendation. In 2 to 3 days, you'll also be receiving a hard copy of such recommendation. Usually, these websites won't charge for the posting services since it comes with the fee.

All of the relevant documents, including your medical marijuana card will arrive in the same mail discreetly. Once you have the card, you can already go to any legal dispensary and buy what you need for your condition.

Is It Legit?  

Now, you might be skeptical about how easy it is to obtain such recommendation without even having to see a doctor, for the most part. It does sound sketchy and there have been many cases of people getting scammed before.

Most often than not, these websites don't really sign you up to meet or talk with an actual doctor. Other even just send out recommendations after a few minutes, which doesn't seem quite realistic.

While other websites are legitimate, others just really scam people. It's best to read reviews about the website before signing up and paying for anything. You don't want to lose a huge amount of money to scammers.

While the whole medical marijuana doctor thing is pretty convenient, there are still tons of scammers out there to prey on the vulnerable ones. Read up on reviews for websites you plan to visit and verify their services. Without strong reviews, might as well go to a real doctor in the nearest hospital.