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Pterostilbene: Wonder Antioxidant to Improve Cognitive Function and General Health

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Taking quality supplements that boost your health is one of the greatest favors you can do to your body and mind. Pterostilbene is one such supplement, a very beneficial antioxidant found in blueberries, grapes leaves, vines and almonds. Its chemical formula is identical to that of Resveratrol, also a beneficial compound found in wine and grape seeds. Pterostilbene is associated with reduced glucose and cholesterol, enhanced cognition and enhanced insulin sensitivity. Following, we are going to look at this wonder antioxidant in more detail.

Now, one of the main differences between Pterostilbene and resveratrol is that the former is bioavailable. In addition, since its half-life is less than 105 minutes, it can easily be transported into your brain cells when taken as a supplement. The supplement also features anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which make it very effective.

Benefits of Pterostilbene for your Cognitive function and General Health

Counter Most Brain Related Conditions

Life can become quite challenging as we approach our sunset years. Besides the graying hair, forgetfulness can be a ceaseless reminder that you are actually not getting any younger. As you get old, it becomes a bit hard for the brain to actuate tissue growth. And as a result, the tissues become chronically inflamed and rigid making it harder for you to create or access memories. Fortunately, taking Pterostilbene supplements can help significantly.

Pterostilbene will help you with your formation abilities as well as to create or retain your memories even as you age as it helps your brain stimulate tissue growth. It is highly recommended that you combine the supplement with other memory enhancing supplements such as Alpa-GPC or Citocoline for optimal results.

Regulates Glucose and Cholesterol

Pterostilbene is also responsible for the production of essential enzymes that control glucose and cholesterol levels in the body.it is also able to reduce blood sugar levels as well as reduce skyrocketing cholesterol levels. All these effects are very crucial for your cardiovascular health as they counter hardening of arteries.

Enhanced GABA activity

Studies have also shown that Pterostilbene can considerably enhance the activities of GABA (Gamma-Amino butyric Acid), a calming neurotransmitter. This usually results in improved memory processing and motor learning.


Taking Pterostilbene supplements regularly will not only enhance your cardiovascular health and regulate loss of dopamine in your body, but it will also combat major triggers of age related cognitive decline. In addition, the antioxidant has few side effects as they are usually naturally processed. Finally, when buying Pterostilbene, make sure it is pure. Check if there are any additives (that most manufacturers use when preparing supplements) and if there are, just look for a different product.