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Get from scrawny to brawny

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If you are scrawny and you want to become brawny, that can be done if you know how to do it. It may be difficult for some but it is humanly possible to become brawny. The following tips will help you to achieve that.

Compound your training

This is a well-known fact but often overlooked. You need to employ mainly compound, multi-joint lifts in your training if you want to become brawny. If you want to pack on more muscle and look better, then you will have to stop doing your isolation movements and go for the compound exercises. Some of the exercises that should be included in your workout regime are flattened incline barbell and dumbbell presses; barbell and dumbbell shoulder presses; barbell, dumbbell and T-bar rows; different types of pull-ups, dips, close grip bench presses, deadlifts, squats, leg presses etc.

Get real

Your goal to build more muscle should be realistic. If you decide a goal of piling on 30 pounds of muscle in a month may not be realistic and you will not be able to accomplish it. When that happens, it will demotivate you and you will not try harder any more. It is better to set realistic goals, be specific and focus on your objectives. It is always better to break your big goals into some smaller goals so that you have small, manageable steps. If you decide a goal such as 4 pounds of muscle gain per month or 1 pound of fat loss per week, such goals can be realistic for you and you'll also be able to achieve them. Even though they may be small goals and may not feel like a giant leap sluts who was assigned they will quickly add up.

Preparation is very important

It is very important that you progress with your weights and reps because that will help you to gain more muscle and strength. Each workout should will increase the amount of weight on the bar or amount of reps you do. If you keep doing this, even though initially it may be difficult for you, after some time you'll be able to do it and that progression will help you to keep moving forward towards your objective. You will not stuck in a limit when you go for progression all the time.

Increase your protein intake

If you are not able to get enough protein, this is the time to ensure that you have it. You can double your protein intake for a few weeks and then sealed the results. Do not overestimate your protein consumption. When you want to gain more muscle, adding a little bit more protein to your diet should be fine. If you are eating three egg whites in the morning, you can increase it to 6 egg whites. If you are consuming 4 ounces of chicken, you can try 8 ounces. You will need to ensure that you are consuming at least 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight and then it can be increased to 1.25 g to 2 g if necessary.

Eat often

Like training, your diet can also be adjusted. You need to eat more frequently when you want to build more muscle. If you're not eating 4 to 6 solid nutritious meals every day every week, then this is the time to do that. Consistency will be very important to get the desired result.


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