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How to manage fibroids through diet and lifestyle changes

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If you want to get away from fibroids, diet and lifestyle changes can help you to reduce your risk of having this problem. That can help you to balance hormones which may trigger fibroids development in your body. There are some other foods which can also help he's fibroids symptoms.

Follow a Mediterranean diet

You should add more and more fresh and cooked green vegetables, fresh fruit, legumes and fish to your diet. A Mediterranean diet is a good diet for reducing the risk of fibroids and also to manage existing fibroids. When you eat such foods regularly, it will automatically reduce the risk for fibroids. On the other hand, you will have to reduce the amount of beef, ham, lamb and other red meat from your diet because these foods will increase the risk of getting fibroids.

Reduce alcohol consumption

If you drink any type of alcohol, it can increase your risk of fibroids. This may happen as alcohol can increase the level of hormones necessary for fibroid growth. Alcohol is also better you because it may also trigger inflammation. If you drink one or more beers every day you have a 50% higher risk of suffering from fibroids now or at a later date. Simply avoid alcohol if possible or at least limit alcohol consumption to reduce the risk of fibroids in your case.

Balance estrogen

Estrogen is a hormone which is important for fertility in both women and men. But if you have too much estrogen, then that can increase the risk of fibroids. If you already have fibroids, it can make them worse.

There are different types of treatments available for estrogen and many of them work by reducing estrogen levels. There are some other ways which will help you to balance oestrogen and include-

Losing weight- if you have excess weight or if you are obese, you have a higher risk of fibroids. If you're or obese, it means you have more fat and fat cells make more estrogen. So, it'll be good for you to lose weight so that you can slow the growth of fibroids or prevent them.

Avoid hormone disrupting chemicals- there are some chemicals which can disrupt the important hormones and their production. Natural and synthetic chemicals can create problems with your and endocrine balance and can raise estrogen levels. They can go into your body through skin and food. That is why, you will have two avoid coming into contact with chemicals which are present in fertilisers, pesticides, plastics, non-stick coating, fire retardants, dyes, paints and some other personal care products.

Lower blood pressure

If you want to reduce the risk of fibroids in your case, you will have to reduce your blood pressure. Scientific research have found that high number of women with severe fibroids also have high blood pressure. Balancing blood pressure is very important for your overall health and it is also good for reducing the risk of fibroids. He can reduce your blood pressure by avoiding added salt; reducing high sodium processed and packaged foods; checking your blood pressure daily with a home monitor; losing weight; specially around the waist; avoiding limiting alcohol; exercising regularly; increase potassium; quit smoking and avoiding second-hand smoke etc. If you already have high blood pressure, you should take medicines as prescribed by your doctor.


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