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Get stronger and flexible with clubbell Yoga

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Even though clubbell yoga may sound like another Yoga fad, may be different from other types of fad yoga. It is quite different from other types and let's find out why it is different and how it can help you with your health.

According to the founder of clubbell Yoga, Summer Huntington, MS, it is strength training infused into Vinyasa Yoga. It is light you are holding a 1 kg or 2 kg clubs (a traditional Indian club) and then moving through different poses and transitions.

The benefits

Since you are going through different poses and transitions of Vinyasa Yoga, you are going to get the benefits of such yoga poses and transitions. You'll get the benefit of yoga. This particular type of yoga will help you to strengthen all the measure muscles in the body. It will also tone you up from head to toe. It is different from other yoga types because you use a light load and then use it to create torque in every single conditioning exercise. It focuses on strengthening yoga practice weights performance, biomechanics and kinesiology.

In general, a typical 20 minute interval session of clubbell yoga is a superset format. In this type, you alternate between glute work, arm endurance, core and others. Such sessions are good for stress reduction, balancing hormones and lowering cortisol levels. There are more than 40 club will yoga conditioning exercises. These exercises will help you by toning your arms, core and glutes. Within a few weeks your body will transform dramatically. After performing a complete session, you will feel like is full body fascial massage. You will find mobility in your body which you never expected. Clubbell yoga will help you to wake up all the sleepy muscles which are generally not touched by is regular yoga class.

Bill strength

Clubbell yoga will help you to build more strength because it uses a club during the exercise sessions. It is like incorporating strength training into your yoga practice. The club will work as a dumbbell and will help you to build more muscle.

Better balance

Clubbell yoga will also help you to improve your balance. Since it includes yoga and many yoga poses need balancing on your hands are legs, you will also learn to balance yourself better. When you attempt and practice such challenging poses every day, it will become easier for you and as a result of that the overall balance of your body will increase when you begin to perform such balancing acts better. The weighted club used in this type of yoga will provide a better centre of gravity which will help you to improve your balance and you'll be able to tackle new poses safely and perform them better.

Perfect poses

Some of the yoga poses are simple but there are some which are difficult to master. Yoga is an ongoing practice. You keep practising class after class, session after session trying to improve your Porsches, fitness level and improve the body and mind connection. Clubbell yoga will help you to create a better connection with different body parts and thereby will help you to improve your poses.

It is a mind-body practice of strength and intelligent movement. It focuses on precision, anatomical alignment and threats. Since it uses multiple planes of movement simultaneously, it is beneficial for you and better than conventional fitness training and yoga.


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