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Yoga and happiness

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Many people believe that yoga is for women and many others believe that it is for weak people. Whatever your thoughts are more and more people are accepting yoga because of the benefits it has to offer. Besides improving your flexibility and enhancing your mental faculties, yoga can also help you to become happy and healthy.

Different benefits

There are different types of yoga available and different people choose these different types. Some of them are very spiritually focused and relaxing and some others may be very athletic and physically demanding. If you do not like particular type of workout, there may be other types of workouts Yoga itself that you may like. You will need to do your research and that will help you to find the type of yoga that you want to do.

Changes your brain immediately

Yoga will change your brain immediately. You do not need to wait to see the results. It can make you happy just after the workout is over and it can make you happy for a long duration. You do not need years of dedicated practice to be happy. By changing your brain and changing the chemicals produced in your brain, yoga can help you to become happier. If you practice yoga for just one hour, it can increase the levels of brain's gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels. Higher levels of GABA is associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety. So, it means even a single class can start to change your brain chemistry and also improve your mood.

Breathing makes you happier

Yoga involves focusing on the breath to relax or to invigorate. In yoga you become aware of yourself and your breath. Research has found that when you have the ability to become aware of and regulate the breath, it helps you to reduce stress and anger yourself in the moment. Both these elements are important in feeling happier. Yoga poses and breathing techniques can boost your happiness immediately and to a great extent.

Long-term benefits

When you practice yoga for a long term, it will provide you with long-term benefits. If you practice yoga regularly for some time, you will automatically feel healthier and happier. Millions of people have attested that. Yoga will reduce fatigue, anxiety and anger. Such biochemical changes will help you to have better physical and mental health. By regular practice, you make yourself strong and that strength is reflected in your physical and mental health. When you practice yoga for a long term, you will be able to prevent many physical problems and mental issues including degenerative problems which may appear along with age.

Improve your mood

Yoga postures are very important in the yoga practice. You need to learn them and practice them regularly to become perfect. These yoga postures are related to your mood. Your body and mind has a direct relationship and changing your physiology can change your mood. If you change your posture, it can change your mood. In yoga you try different types of postures can directly change your mood. Yoga is one such grand method of strengthen in the brain-body connection. When you change your posture, your body sends messages to the brain to make it feel strong and positive. Yoga will also make some biochemical changes in your brain which will help you to feel better about yourself, your present and your future. Yoga can immediately lift your mood and make you feel happier.


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