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Dangerous methods for premature ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a big problem and the number of people suffering from it is increasing. This is something not all men are comfortable talking about to the doctor. There are so many self-proclaimed cure is available in the market for premature ejaculation. However, many such products use unnatural ways of controlling premature ejaculation and many of them have different side effects. Let's find out more about such a dangerous methods for premature ejaculation because they may cause several side effects and may impact your health negatively.

There are also many useless methods which are circulating, which can cause problems for you. These methods do not have any results at all and they can weaken your system and your organ.

Ejaculation control pills and capsules

There are ejaculation control pills and capsules available. Most of them work for a short time and they can be used as one night relief for premature ejaculation. However, they do not cure the problem. The most dangerous fact is that such pills and capsules have side effects and are injurious to your health. Many of them have brain-numbing ingredients which makes your brain go numb. As a result of that, you cannot enjoy the pleasure of sex even though you get rid of the problem for a few hours. What is the use of such a medicine that does not let you enjoyed the act for which you need the medicine?

And another danger is that gradually will be addicted to these pills and capsules. You will not feel confident if you do not take these pills and capsules. It means, you will have to take them each and every day. If that happens, you will feel that you are suffering from some memory problem and also your erection has become weak. This is a very dangerous situation for you and you should stop taking those pills and capsules because otherwise your sexual system will become a total wreck.

Desensitising oils and creams

Desensitising oils and creams can help you to fight ejaculation problems. However, they also have side effects and they are very similar to pills and capsules in side effects. These oils and creams desensitise your penis and help you to maintain your erection for a little longer. However, you will not be able to enjoy the sublime pleasure of sex. If your main organ lose sensation, how can you enjoyed the process of sex? And if you're not enjoying it, what is the point of doing it? These products have serious side effects and so you should be very careful while using them. Long-term use of such products may result in total impotence.

Masturbation before sex

Many experts suggest masturbating before the sexual act. It is possible to follow that advice but there are some problems. It is like wasting your valuable semen which is a vital fluid. It may weaken you. And when you do that just before the act, it reduces your libido and appetite and you may not be able to feel the emotional and sensitive feelings while with your partner.

Mind distraction

Other experts also recommend mind distraction and advice you to distract your mind with some gruesome scene while performing sex. Sex is a pleasure and in the midst of that why would you like to think of something gory and grisly? If you do not have the sublime pleasure, it can only be an act of labour and there is no enjoyment in that.


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