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How to put brakes on premature ejaculation

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Is it possible to stop premature ejaculation? Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common sexual problem of men. There are different physical and emotional causes that result in PE. There are several techniques available which can help you to stop premature recirculation.


Deep breathing

Deep breathing can help you to control premature ejaculation. It's one form of meditation that can help you to control the tension that result in PE. If you're using shallow and short breathing, it will increase your heartbeat, which may cause PE. Try breathing fully and deeply. Try to breath for five seconds, hold the breath for three seconds and then exhale for five seconds. Such slow and deep breathing will help you to relax.

Do this exercise for five minutes. If you focus on your partner's breathing, then it will also help you to build an intimate connection.

The stop and start method

Use this as a solo exercise. While masturbating, bring yourself close to orgasm and then stop. Then relax, and then bring yourself again closer to orgasm. Repeat this process until you reach a state when you cannot hold it any longer. Once you master the technique, you can try it in your bedroom while having sex. It will need some practice before you become an expert.

The squeeze method

In this method, you need to squeeze the base of the penis when you are about to orgasm. Your partner can also do the squeezing part. When squeezed, the erection of the penis is reduced. You will need some practice to get better at it. This is a very effective practice and it will help you to really stop premature ejaculation.


Using condom definitely helps. There are some climax control condoms available in the market, which can help delay the climax. Such condoms may have benzocaine. It's a mild anesthetic that creates a slight numbing effect on the penis. The condom with benzocaine reduces the sensation and the response to ensure that PE does not happen within seconds. Condoms really help in expanding the period of love making.

Medicines and medical office

There are some medicines available which can help you to fight premature circulation. You should only use the medicines which are approved by the governing authority. It is also necessary to talk to your doctor before using these medicines because they may have side effects and some unwanted effects of long term use. Some of them are available in topical medication format which can be applied on the skin where the nerve endings are available.

Prozac, Zoloft and such other antidepressant medicines can help you in case of PE. You need to take them hours before sex. These medicines inhibit arousal and as a result, it becomes possible for you to control your ejaculation. You will need a prescription to buy such medicines. You can see a urologist or a general practitioner, who will go through the necessary tests before prescribing these medicines to you. You should ask your doctor about the side-effects of such medicines.

Kegel exercises

Kegels can also be used by men to stop premature ejaculation. It is a very good way to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic region. It will help you to develop a strong pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). Such a strong muscle will help you to control ejaculation. Try the exercises at your bathroom by trying to stop the flow of urine while peeing. You will need to learn this properly to get the benefit of the exercises.
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