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7 ways to stop premature ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is a very big problem but there is solution for it. You can try the following methods to stop future ejaculation.


1. Deep breathing

It is one form of meditation. This method can help you to control the arousal and the resulting tension which causes premature ejaculation. You need to practice deep breathing and avoid shallow and short breathing, which may need some time. If possible, try to breath for five seconds in a deep, full breath. Try to hold it for three seconds and then again exhale for five seconds. You can also focus on your partner’s deep breathing. That will also help you to build an intimate connection.

2. This squeeze method

In this method, you need to squeeze the base of your shaft. Do that at the point near orgasm. Squeezing will reduce the erection. When you squeeze the base, it will cut blood flow to the shaft and thereby will reduce erection. You can try it yourself first and master it before you use it while with your partner. Your partner can also help you in doing that by using the technique.

3. The stop and start method

You will need to practice this. Whether doing it alone or practicing with your partner, you need to bring yourself close to orgasm and then stop. Relax for some time, then again bring yourself closer to orgasm and then stop. Doing it few times will help you to find your point of no return. Once you master the technique, you can try it with your partner.

4. Kegel exercises


It is possible for you to strengthen the pelvic region. You can create a strong pubococcygeus muscle and it will help you to stop ejaculation prematurely. You can try and learn to do it. Start with stopping your flow of urine in the bathroom. It will also help you to find your kegel muscles. Once you find the muscle, you need to feel where exactly it is located. Then you need to practice to engage these muscles. For doing kegels, you need to clench and release the pubococcygeus muscle repeatedly for 10 seconds. Do 3 sets of this exercise. It will help you in sex when you are close to orgasm to stop premature ejaculation.

5. Condoms with benzocaine

Climax control condoms can help you stop premature ejaculation and can extend sexual activity. They can delay climax for few minutes. They generally contain benzocaine at the tip. Benzocaine is a mild anesthetic and it causes a slight numbness, thereby reducing the sensation and tension. It helps you to manage your sensation. And it does not eliminate the enjoyment.

6. Tantric techniques

There are some tantric techniques which can help you to stop premature ejaculation. These techniques do not focus on just traditional physical pleasure but focuses on establishing intimate connections. In this techniques, when you approach the point of no return, you need to stop stimulation and pull out. Then you need to contract the pubococcygeus muscle and lower your chin to your chest. Lowering the chin will prevent energy from reaching a very high level. You need to repeat this as needed until you are able to stop the need to ejaculate.

7. Medical options

There are several different medical options available. Medicines like Prozac and Zoloft will help him in fighting premature ejaculation. You need to take them several hours before sexual activity. They inhibit arousal and so it becomes easier for you to control ejaculation. You may need to consult a doctor to get a prescription for such drugs.


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