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How you can reduce stress and boost happiness

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If you want to, it is possible to reduce your stress and become happier. There may be different ways to do that but some of the ways are more effective than the others. Let’s find out how you can reduce stress and at the same time can boost happiness.

Get moving

if you move yourself, it will definitely reduce your stress. Moving yourself means exercising any one of the ways that you like. It may be going to the gym, taking a hike, walking, jogging, pilates, yoga, kickboxing, tai chi, karate or anything else that you like. When you exercise regularly some changes happen in your brain and some of the important chemicals are released which not only can reduce your stress but can also boost your happiness. When you exercise, your brain will increase production of endorphins. It is a neurotransmitter which is released in your brain that gives us a feeling of happiness and euphoria. If you exercise regularly, it will change the way you face stressful situations. It will also improve your sleep and increase your self-esteem, which will in turn make you happier than before.

Eat carefully

your food has a direct effect on your body and mind and so you should be very careful about what you are eating. If you with certain foods when you’re stressed, they can help you to reduce your stress level. If you have a very important or hectic day ahead, you can always planned to eat small and healthy meals throughout the day so that you can get the necessary energy when you need it. There are some foods that you should always keep yourself away from. Such foods include foods and beverages that contain high levels of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and salt. They are especially bad for you during stressful periods. At diet that contains high levels of vitamin B, vitamin C and magnesium will help you during stressful periods. They will increase your energy level and fight back stress hormones which are released in your brain. They will also relax your muscles and reduce anxiety, which will help you to reduce your stress levels and improve your happiness.


it is important to give your body what it needs to increase your happiness and to reduce stress. It may not be possible to get all the necessary elements from your food and in such cases, you will need to provide your body with the necessary elements in the form of supplements. Taking a multivitamin may be very important and you need the right multivitamin for yourself. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a good multivitamin for you, which will help you to get all the necessary macro and micro nutrients which will help you to feel better and will also to reduce stress at any point of time.

Quality time

if you want to reduce stress and feel happier, you will need to spend some quality time with your family and with friends. A study at UCLA found that women who have a close circle of friends have an additional reaction to the “fight-or-flight” response to stress. Because they had a close circle of friends, they experienced an increase in oxytocin which is a soothing hormone which is released in your brain. If you stand quality time with friends and family, it will help you to fight stress better. It will also make your time livelier and happier. You will be able to sleep better and enjoy the present moment better when you have the time to spend with your family and friends.


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