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What Should You Expect When Entering an Addiction Treatment Program?

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What Should You Expect When Entering an Addiction Treatment Program?

If you or your family member is seeking treatment for addiction, or substance abuse, with no doubt, you must endeavor to find the most appropriate alcohol rehab treatment facility. On the same token, you might also want to know what to expect.

When choosing a facility to treat addiction, you should select the one accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). A certified addiction facility will ensure that the needs of your loved person are taken care of with utmost professionalism.

However, that doesn't give you a hint of what happens during your first month of admission as a rehabilitation patient. Let's dive into details.

Diagnosis of the Disease of Addiction

Irrespective of the rehabilitation program you’re enrolled into, you should be given a comprehensive patient evaluation through DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. This is a bio-psychosocial assessment that enables the counselors to determine your initial illness severity and diagnosis. It permits them to recommend specific care placement by utilizing procedure and guidelines dictated by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. During your admission, a counselor should verify each clinical finding, explain your diagnosis, and recommend a suitable therapy and discus-in-depth the level of your care placement.

Basic Details

Upon entering an addiction treatment program, the counselor responsible for your admission will review preliminary information concerning your admission and guide you towards making the right decision about the level of care you deserve. A thorough search of your belongings will be done on admission and upon the staff’s discretion to maintain a drug-free zone. You also receive admission forms including:

Patient's Rights

This critical document upholds your fundamental rights as a human being such as constitutional, civil, and statutory rights. It also gives information about the people who will be there for your care.

Patients Standards Guideline

It’s is an outline of general conduct, behavior, and participation expected of you. These guidelines are designed from practical needs to enable you to have self-discipline and self-respect. These virtues help you to have an interactive and healthy recovery and treatment program.

Nursing Intake

It's a document that displays medical conditions and physical findings that should be attended to immediately.

A withdrawal assessment will be conducted at this stage to establish the patients' withdrawal.
A Standardized Laboratory Test and Urine Drug Screening tests might be carried out as a further concern to measure your medical status and the ability to partake treatment. An analysis known as urine pregnancy test will be carried out on special occasions. Also, an EKG might also suffice if you have cardiac complications or you’re above 50 years.

Program Schedules

Here, they offer a vivid description to you concerning the therapeutic activities you’ll undergo. It acts as a crucial section of your clinical treatment protocol.

History and physical exam

This examination takes place one day after your admission and is by a qualified physician employed by the addiction treatment facility. It's usually a detailed bio-psychosocial assessment that helps the medical and clinical teams to recommend personalized medical assistance and treatment protocols.

In summary, the question what should you expect when entering an Addiction Treatment Program is broad. Every addiction patient has unique needs. An individual rehab facility may have its criteria for admission as well as laid down procedures for treating addiction patients. Our discussion gives an insight into what you should expect to find in a certified rehabilitation Centre.