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The Way It Used to Be: Can Hearing Loss Be Restored?

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The loss of one of the five human senses can naturally be quite frightening as it begins to impact a person's life at any age. In the case of hearing loss, regardless of whether it is partial or total, it can present a distinct set of challenges for the afflicted. That's why it's critical for those struggling with this problem to be aware of the latest hearing aid technology that has come on the market in recent years.

Hearing Aids Are Much More Advanced Than They Used to Be

In the past, probably the biggest complaint about hearing aids was that they were bulky and conspicuous. A person who had lost enough of their hearing that they had turned to this option might have felt embarrassed in certain social situations if their hearing aid was very noticeable or they had to adjust it often. Luckily, time marches on, and hearing aids have continued to get smaller and more manageable with each passing year. The newest hearing aids have become virtually undetectable, and some of them have even begun featuring such modern touches as Bluetooth connectivity. Let's briefly discuss what a user might be looking for in 2018.

What's Different About These New Versions?

The ideal modern hearing aid provides comfort and affordability. What's innovative about it, though, is that it comes ready to wear right out of the package. That means the user doesn't need to wait for molds or ear impressions. The silicone click sleeve is available in three different sizes, which means it can fit snug inside every ear canal. Since there is no customization required, ease of use is light years ahead of where this technology was a couple of decades ago.

Regardless of which brand of hearing aid you choose, connecting wirelessly to other Bluetooth-enabled devices seems like it will be the norm going forward. This enables your hearing aid to become your personal earphones. Imagine being able not only to hear with complete accuracy and engage in conversation with no difficulty, but also to stream music from your smartphone whenever you feel like it! This sort of advancement was inconceivable not long ago, but now it is becoming commonplace. What's more, hearing aids show every sign of growing more sophisticated in the near future, and they will be able to connect with other different devices as well.

There's More Innovation to Come

While hearing loss being restored without the aid of enhancement devices is still not possible, it seems clear that the improvements in hearing aids have meant that losing one's hearing is not as dire of a prognosis as it once was. Manufacturer's continue to push forward with new models and new innovations that make these new aids easier to adjust and more user-friendly. The designs have become more attractive, and with ear-to-ear connection between the hearing aids that a person wears, better speech understanding in noisy situations is also a reality. That's welcome news for those of all ages suffering from partial or total hearing loss.