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How to Quickly Treat Ear Infections and Swimmer’s Ear

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Ear infections can be difficult to deal with. Not only do they cause overall discomfort, they can also hinder our ability to hear if not treated correctly. Normally, ear infections happen due to bacteria and viruses that effect all areas of the ear. There are different aspects to ear infections that make them unique from one another. It is wise to get treated immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms from an ear infection. Here are some facts about ear infections, and what your best treatment options are. 

Different Types of Ear Infections 

There are three main types of ear infections that can occur in children and adults. 

Outer Ear Infections/ Swimmer's Ear 

This type of infection occurs due to a bacterial infection that covers the ear canal. Swimmers often experience this type of ear infection due to excessive immersion in water. Bacteria in the water can enter the ear canal, causing an infection. An outer ear infection can also happen by using foreign objects to clean your ears or for utility purposes. This can include cotton swabs and ear plugs. 

Inner Ear Infections 

Inner ear infections are caused by a virus and are incredibly rare. This type of infection can cause inflammation of the inner ear, which harms a person's ability to hear, creates dizziness, and may cause tinnitus. Since over the counter medicine is ineffective against an inner ear infection, it is advised that a person seek medical treatment. 

Middle Ear Infections 

A middle ear infection is caused by pus that becomes trapped in the hollow cavity of the facial bone. These types of infections are commonly associated with children who experience the common cold. These are the most harmless of the ear infections, and typically resolve on their own over time. 

Symptoms of Ear Infections 

Use this guide to determine if you may be experiencing the effects of an ear infection. 

Outer Ear Infection/Swimmer's Ear 

¢ Redness and inflammation 
¢ Pus that is draining from your ear 
¢ Difficulty hearing 
¢ Severe ear pain 
¢ Itching 

Inner Ear Infection 

¢ Vomiting and nausea 
¢ Vertigo 
¢ Tinnitus 

Middle Ear Infection 

¢ Fever 
¢ Balance issues 
¢ Feeling as if your ear is full of liquids 

How to Treat an Ear Infection 

Normally, over the counter and home remedies can do the trick when it comes to treating ear infections. Here are some tips you can use to help alleviate the symptoms of an ear infection. 

Over the Counter Medicines 

Your first line of defense against any ear infection can be over the counter medicines. Using an over the counter, such as Ciprodex, can help with your ear infection problems. Make sure to use your Ciprodex coupon card to help save yourself money when purchasing. 

Home Remedies 

These types of treatments can be just as effective if you wish to take matters into your own hands. Here are just a few tips you can utilize to help alleviate your symptoms. 

¢ Use a cold or warm compress to help alleviate ear pain. Try alternating between warm and cold for the best results. 
¢ Pour garlic oil into the ear canal to help with middle and outer ear infections. 
¢ If your child is experiencing an ear infection, have them sleep with the painful side up. This will help alleviate any unnecessary pressure that is placed upon the ear. 

Ear Infection Prevention 

Though we have provided plenty of information on how to treat an ear infection, we believe preventive action is just as important. Here are some tips you can use to prevent ear infections before they have a chance to cause you discomfort. 

¢ Make sure to tilt your head to drain any excess water that has built up inside while you were swimming. 
¢ Don't scratch the inside of the ear. This will only cause irritation to your ear, which can cause an ear infection. 
¢ Clean any ear peripherals, such as hearing aids and earplugs. Bacteria can build up on these over time and cause an infection from repeated use without cleaning. 

Whether we take preventive action or not, ear infections can happen to any of us. Use our guide to ensure that you are informed and know how to act if necessary. Always look for discounts when it comes to over the counter medicines, like a Ciprodex coupon card, to find the best deals possible. 


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