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Summer Foods Guide for Runners

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Summer is in full swing and the long warm days are perfect for getting out there and going for a run. Here are some foods that you should add to your next grocery order if you want to enhance your running experiences this year.

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Not only is this a delicious snack, but it also provides that vital hydration you'll need if you are setting yourself up for a run or recovering from a stint in the hot sun.

Another perk of watermelon is that its sweet, refreshing taste doesn't come with much of a calorific burden behind it; you'll take on just 30 calories for around 100 grams of the fruit you consume.


Rather than packing your barbecue with fat-filled sausages, why not swap these out for skewers of courgette that will cook quickly, taste great and be better for your body?

To mix things up, why not marinate the courgette in a little olive oil and paprika before you pop it on the grill. With plenty of vitamin C onboard, it'll boost your immune system and keep you healthy so you can run all summer.


Like the humble courgette, there's plenty of vitamin C to be found within a handful of strawberries; more than in an orange for an average serving of eight bright red fruits.

Summer is the perfect time to gorge on strawberries, and if you can resist the temptation to add anything else like sugar or cream, then the health benefits will be significant. Just make sure to buy and eat them when they're ripe, as they enjoy a fairly short window of deliciousness.


Great with almost any savoury dish, garlic is also a hugely healthy food to include in your summer eating routine.

If you want to run for longer without getting tired, garlic can also be a big help. Thousands of studies have shown that it can combat fatigue, which is an impressive feat for such an unassuming vegetable!


Running requires a lot of energy, so it's sensible to add a good amount of carbohydrate to your diet if you have a big trek ahead of you. Corn can help in this respect, whether you buy and eat it fresh on the cob or opt to enjoy it in its common canned form.

Corn has the added bonus of being rich in fibre, which improves your digestive system's performance. To top it all off, it's also incredibly tasty and works well in lots of different recipes.


This fruit is rich in protein and fat, which will build up your muscles and keep your stomach feeling full for a lot longer when you kick off a run.

It's a good idea to combine avocado with more acidic flavours to undercut its buttery texture and taste. Try it with lemon juice, tomatoes, corn and a little coriander in a wrap for a convenient on-the-go snack.


These tiny bursts of flavour are brimming with antioxidants, which makes them good for your health in the long term, as well as boasting a high water content to help runners with hydration.

In fact researchers have investigated how blueberries impact on exercise, finding that they can help manage cholesterol levels effectively after they are consumed.