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4 Dangerous Things That Could Be Hiding In Your Tap Water

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In theory all tap water in Australia should be safe to drink, it is all tested according to the Australian drinking water guidelines. However, the big problem with these tests is that they are carried out at the treatment works. The pipe work between the treatment works and your home can run for miles.

There are plenty of opportunities for the water to become contaminated.

The safest way to ensure your drinking water is safe is to have an under sink water filtration system fitted. This will filter the water just before it exits your tap.

You light be surprised to realize that there are 4 particularly dangerous items within your tap water and you won't know they are there until it's too late:

  1. Fluoride

This is actually added by many water boards to help keep your teeth healthy. This is because the effects of fluoride in the water were noticed at the turn of the 20th century.

Unfortunately fluoride is not all good. In fact studies have shown that fluoride can reduce the IQ of children, can induce tumors and will even weaken bones. This is particularly concerning for older people who are at risk of breaking them.

  1. Chlorine

You will already be familiar with chlorine. It is a chemical which is placed into many swimming pools to keep the water clean. It is a powerful compound as it is known to reduce the chances of you contracting typhoid, salmonellosis or a variety of other water borne bacteria.

However, as well as causing irritation to your throat, chlorine has now been linked with an increased risk of cancer. The amount which is added to tap water has also been linked with birth defects.

The reason it continues to be used is quite simple, it's the cheapest option.

  1. Lead

Lead can dissolve in water and when it does so it leaves no trace of its presence. It will not change the color or the taste of the water; the only way to know if it is there is to test the liquid in the lab.

Unfortunately lead piping was the preferred choice for many older plumbing systems; this means you could be exposing yourself to this deadly chemical without even knowing it.

Lead consumption has been linked with damage to the neuromuscular system. It can cause brain damage, reduction in IQ and even restricted growth.

  1. Chromium

This heavy metal has been shown to be a contributory factor in lung cancer, kidney issues and intestinal problems. It is currently used by a variety of industries including plastics, paint and even steel.

The issue can arise when this chemical leaches into the soil and then through the pipes carrying water.  The result is contaminated water and the potential for serious illness.

These are just a few of the nasty surprises waiting for you in your tap water. But, you don't need to start buying bottle water; simply add a water filtration device and you can drink safely.