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The benefit of exercise and a healthy diet in thyroid problem

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Exercise is very crucial for people who are suffering from any type of thyroid problem. It is also true for people suffering from hypothyroidism. Exercise can help you by stabilising metabolism, weight and energy levels.

In hypothyroidism thyroid does not release enough hormones and it can result in weight gain, depression and fatigue.

Thyroid problems may require medication and when you exercise regularly, it will complement the treatment. Exercise is like a natural antidote to the symptoms shown by people suffering from hypothyroidism. When exercise regularly it will increase your metabolism and will also increase lean muscle mass which will help you to burn more calories. Exercise will also help you by boosting your mood and energy levels.

Exercise and thyroid hormones

Aerobic exercise is capable of increasing hormone production in the thyroid. A study found that regular aerobic exercise will increase levels of T4 and T3 and that will help people who have low levels of hormones in the thyroid. When production of thyroid hormone increases in the body, it will decrease the negative side-effects of such thyroid problems.

Types of exercise

According to the American College of Sports Medicines and adult can perform moderately intense cardiovascular workouts for 30 minutes every day. You need to do it five days a week to get the maximum possible health benefits. In case you have a thyroid problem, it is very important to talk to your doctor before you start your exercise program. That is necessary to ensure that you are performing the exercises that you should do and at required intensity. You may need less exercise and less intensity or more exercise and more intensity. If you perform moderately intense aerobic exercises, it will boost your metabolism and mood and will offer you other health benefits.

Any type of exercise that will increase the metabolic activities is good for hypothyroid patients. Different types of aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, hiking, dancing are good because they will increase the heart rate and will make you perspire. These exercises will utilise the extra fat stored in your body and will thereby burn it. As mentioned earlier, they will also help you by improving your mood.

Strength training and bodybuilding exercises like push-ups, lunges are also good for hyperthyroid patients.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet can help tremendously. A healthy diet is a must for hyperthyroid patients. No specific diet or food is available which can completely cure hypothyroidism. But understanding and knowing certain dietary tips will help you to improve your thyroid function, which will in turn help to reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism.


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