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The benefits of prostate massage

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Prostate massage is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits it has to offer. It is very similar to a digital rectal exam. It may help the patient with a circulation, urine flow and erectile dysfunction.

In prostate massage therapy, the male prostate is massaged for medical or therapeutic reasons. It has been advised in conditions like erectile dysfunction and chronic prostatitis.

The benefits

Prostate massage is beneficial because it helps in clearing the prosthetic duct. The duct is the pipeline that runs between your prostate and the other reproductive and urinary system. Such a massage may produce a spontaneous secretion of fluid and that will clean the duct. Besides cleaning, it will also eliminate different types of symptoms you are experiencing.

It is beneficial for people suffering with prostatitis or an enlarged prostate. It is a painful condition where inflammation of the prostate gland is seen. People who suffer from prostatitis often complain about aches and pain in the joints and discomfort in the lower back and muscles. They also experience traces of blood in their urine, a burning sensation during urination and painful ejaculation. Prostate massage can benefit you in all of these conditions.

It will also help you with better sexual health. Prostate massage will improve the flow of blood to the prostate. When blood flow is improved the prostate gland will be able to produce the fluid which is important for semen. It not only nourishes the sperm, but it will also liquefy the semen. As a result of that, it will move faster in the women's body after ejaculation.

Prostate massage during lovemaking can help both the parties. It will increase the excitement during the foreplay. Using a massage toy will be fun for the women and four men it will help in prostate ejaculation, which is more intense than a penile ejaculation.

Prostate massage is also beneficial for regular proper functioning of the prostate. It will also be beneficial in preventing prostate cancer.

Prostate massage can help in the following conditions-

Painful ejaculation

If you are suffering from painful ejaculation, a proper prostate massage will help you to remove the fluid blockage in your reproductive system and thereby remove the pain during ejaculation. These blockages can be really painful.

Erectile dysfunction

Prostate massage therapy is another alternative to treatment of erectile dysfunction with medicines. It has been there for some time and it is effective in case of many people. When it is combined with other types of medication, it becomes more effective and can completely eliminate erectile dysfunction problem.

Urine flow

Some people may suffer from urine flow problem and pain during urination because of different reasons. Prostate massage can help you to get rid of all such urination problems. Because of swelling and inflammation of the prostate, it can interfere and hamper the normal functioning of the urethra. The prostate massage therapy will eliminate the swelling and inflammation and it will not be able to impact the flow of urine.

What to expect

If you are going for a prostate massage, you need to know a few things. It is similar to a digital rectal exam (DRE). Your doctor may need to perform a DRE so that he can find out the present condition of your prostate and check whether you have any signs of prostatitis, infection or other problems. During the massage a gloved and lubricated finger is inserted into your rectum and your prostate is massaged. Even though it may be uncomfortable for a few moments but it will not be painful.

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