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The benefits of magnetic therapy

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Magnetic therapy has many benefits and so it is gaining popularity among people. Let’s find out what are the health benefits magnetic therapy can offer to you.

Magnetic therapy is an alternative treatment and it can help you in different health problems like arthritis, menstrual pain, menopause symptoms, migraines and sports injuries. Magnetic therapy can be administered with the help of different magnetic products which may include magnetic bracelets and other jewelry, magnetic patches, plasters, mattresses, shoe insoles, blankets and creams and supplements.

Your body forms and electromagnetic field which response to the healing power of magnets will stop magnetic therapy will improve flow of blood to different body tissues. As a result of that you will get more fresh oxygenated blood in the area where the magnet is placed. When more blood flows to the affected area, it will help you to get rid of pain, inflammation and other problems. Such flow of more oxygenated blood will also help you to improve your energy and other bodily functions.

Magnets used in magnetic therapy will also help you to counteract any acidity in your body. Your body may become acidic because of the effects of many types of disease conditions. Magnets are alkaline and so they can neutralize the acidic impact of different types of acids produced as a result of diseases.

Magnetic therapy is useful in back, shoulder, neck, knee and other joint problems. So if you’re suffering from any search joint problem because of arthritis or any other such health issues, you will get immediate relief from pain and inflammation. Join problems become more common as you age and so magnetic therapy can be more useful for people who have progressed in age. It is also useful in case of joint injuries and pain caused while playing different types of sports. It is also beneficial for players who have suffered such accidents and injuries and are trying to recover fast.

It is also beneficial in case of menopausal symptoms or period pain. When the magnetic therapy is focused on the lower abdominal area it will help you to get rid of such problems if you have any of them. In an uncontrolled trial, Dr Tena Walters found that when a small magnetic devices placed in the knickers, it helped in improving menopausal symptoms for more than 50% of women in the first month itself and it helped 75% women with an improvement in three months.

Magnetic therapy is also safe for people. Scientific studies have found that it does not have any side effect and so it is very safe. People can experiment with magnetic therapy because it is safe for them.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is used for treatment of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), tinnitus, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anorexia, chronic neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia and cocaine dependence and it has been found very effective in treatment of all these different health issues. It is found to be more effective in case of depression which showed 70% of the depressed patients benefited from TMS when other treatments failed to provide any relief.

With all the benefits that magnetic therapy has to offer, it can be safely used and experimented with four different types of health issues. It is important to find the right therapy for the optimum benefit of the patient with magnetic therapy treatment.


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