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The benefits of audio Crystal Therapy

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Audio Crystal therapy recreates the healing power of the crystal or mineral. Using the correct audible and sub- audible frequencies classic healing ability of Crystal therapy is recreated in audio Crystal therapy. There are many benefits for you. Let's find out how they can help you.

Audio Crystal Therapy with Aegerine, Amazonite, Agate & Amber

You can use these audio Crystal therapy frequencies in any situation. They will help you to improve health, remove negative emotions and recover from better relationships. Aegerine helps you to remove any negative emotional hindrances. It also brings in positive personal characteristics, judgement, believes and theories. It is beneficial in improving your good health. It is beneficial for you because it will help in reason addition and restoration of health after you suffer from a serious illness, injury or traumatic experience.

Agate will heal emotional bitterness which you may suffer from better relationships and other difficult situations. It will help you in situations where you find it very difficult to forgive and let go.

Amber has many health qualities and it will help you by rebalancing your body and eliminating stress and hormonal issues.

Audio Crystal Therapy with Amethyst, Apatite, Aquamarine & Aventurine

These audio Crystal therapy frequencies will help you to lose weight, balance your emotional state, overcome grief and sorrow and also balance energy.

Apatite will help you to improve your appetite and boosting your metabolism. If you want to lose weight, this will help you.

Amethyst has a particularly coming frequency and it can help you with different types of emotional issues, especially grief. It is important for you because it can help you to balance yourself emotionally and also help with different behavioural issues including compulsions and addictions.

Aquamarine will help you to alleviate physical and mental problems. It will also help you in relieving melancholia and sorrow. It is also beneficial for those people who are suffering from memory problems, improving coherence in the mind on all aspects and levels. It can help you to refine blood circulation.

Aventurine is beneficial in balancing board the female and male energies within you.

Audio Crystal Therapy with Azurite, Bloodstone, Calcite & Carnelian

These audio Crystal therapy frequencies will help you to overcome ego, increase motivation and make decisions.

Azurite will help your mind to reach a higher and clearer state. It will also help you to diminish egocentric characteristics, eliminate self-admiration and pompousness and it will help you to become more flexible and versatile.

Bloodstone is beneficial for you if you find it very difficult to make life decisions. It will help you to take decisions and take action. Will also provide you with the necessary confidence to conquer your challenges.

Calcite is important for spiritual growth and connection. These frequencies will help you to achieve higher wisdom and knowledge.

Carnelian frequencies will help you to increase motivation, vitality and creativity.

Audio Crystal Therapy with Celestite, Chlorite, Chrysocolla & Fluorite

These audio Crystal therapy frequencies will help you to improve sleep, increase peace and calmness and improve healing.

Celestite frequency is important for sleeping and dreaming and it will help you to recall that their dream in clarity and detail.

Chlorite will help you to focus and centre your heart.

Chrysocolla offers different types of healing properties and will bring in peace, calmness, patience, unconditional love and creativity.

Fluorite is necessary for purification or cleansing. It will also help you to stay away from fraud or deception.


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