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The benefits of Green smoothie

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Pure nutrition

Green smoothie will offer you pure nutrition. You will get lots of vitamins and minerals from such a smoothie. The amount will depend on the fruits and vegetables you choose. Most of them contain high amounts of vitamin A and C. You will also get critical vitamins and minerals like folate, potassium and magnesium.

Easy to make

You can easily make a green smoothie within a few minutes. You just need one equipment which is your blender. It is easily available in most of the homes. You can make more amount of green smoothie and then store them in your fridge for future consumption.

Eat your vegetables in easy way

Green smoothies make it easy for you to eat your vegetables. If you don't like to eat vegetable as a salad or in a dish, you can still always consume that vegetable in the form of a green smoothie. They make it easier for you to get the daily requirement of vegetables. The taste of the vegetables is hidden by the taste of the fruit and so you will not notice that the vegetables are there.

Get your kids to eat vegetables

This is a way which will help you to make your kids eat vegetables. It may look interesting and attractive to your kids who do not like to eat their vegetables. They will get all the necessary vitamins and minerals through the green smoothies without having to eat their vegetables. You can increase the proportion of fruit in the Green smoothie so as to make it tastier for your kids so that they do not know that the vegetables are already there. Once they become accustomed to the taste and flavour, you can increase the proportion of vegetables in your Green smoothie.

It is economical

The Green smoothie does not cost you a big amount. If you make it at home it becomes much more economical for you. We just need to spend a few bucks if you are drinking it at a juice bar. At home, you can combine different fruits and vegetables and still get everything within a few bucks. It will also save you money which you otherwise may need to spend of different medicines and visit to your doctor. You don't have to buy multivitamins when you are drinking green smoothies regularly.

They are better than fruit juices

Green smoothie are always better than fruit or vegetable juices. When you drink a juice, you get vitamins and minerals but you do not get any fibre, but when you drink a smoothie, you'll also get the important fibres because they are made using the whole fruit or vegetable.

A lasting source of energy

A green smoothie will act as a lasting source of energy for you. Fruits are good for you because they will provide you with an energy, but if you eat them alone than an energy they provide will be for a short duration. That happens because they contain sugars and these sugars will be metabolised quickly and they will provide you with short bursts of energy. On the other hand, green smoothies always contain high amount of vegetables along with fruits and as a result it has a balanced sugar content. So, you will keep getting energy for a longer duration when you drink green smoothies regularly.


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