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Natural remedies for varicose veins

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The following are some of the natural remedies which will help you to get rid of varicose vein.


If you exercise regularly, it is one of the best things you can do if you have varicose vein. When you exercise regularly it will improve your blood flow and will also lower inflammation. If you stand for long periods of time, or sit with a poor posture like forward had posture or your legs crossed, the risk of varicose veins increases a lot. If you stay stagnant for too long, your veins will not be able to pump blood efficiently back to your heart. Exercising will eliminate all these obstacles. When you exercise regularly, it will balance your hormones naturally, help you to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight along with your blood pressure and all of these factors can contribute towards preventing and improving varicose veins condition.

Leg lifts, calf raises, bicycle legs and side lunges are some of the exercises which will help you if you have varicose vein or if you want to prevent it. You can oft for different low impact exercises like walking, swimming and bicycling because they all will alleviate pressure and thereby help you to feel better.

Essential oil

Essential oil can help you to get rid of varicose vein by balancing your hormones. They can improve blood flow and reduce inflammation and hormonal imbalances. Cypress oil is one such essential oil which is used for treatment of vein problems. It can increase circulation and support the circulatory system. You can simply rub few drops of this essential oil on the area affected. Do it twice daily for several weeks and can get rid of varicose vein problem. If because of varicose vein you are experiencing swelling, aches or skin blisters, you can use other dilutive essential oils like tea tree oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil for soothing the affected area.

Maintaining a healthy weight

If you want to get rid of varicose veins, you will need to maintain a healthy weight. Varicose veins is generally seen more in case of overweight people and elderly people. When you have too much weight, it will put pressure on your veins and can result in inflammation or reflux. Diagnoses and treatment of varicose vein in case of overweight people is also very difficult.

Anti-inflammatory diet

Some foods can help you to reverse inflammation and improve blood flow. You need to include those foods in your diet and create an anti-inflammatory diet. Such a diet will make it possible to heal varicose vein faster. It will also prevent any future possibility of developing the same problem. If you consume a diet that is high in Tran's fats, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed foods, it will result in arterial damage, blood pressure problems, low circulation, hormonal imbalances and weight gain. Such diets are also high in sodium which will cause dehydration and increased toxins in your body, which will in turn can worsen swelling in varicose vein.

The foods that you need to include in the best anti-inflammatory diet which will help you to get rid of varicose vein-

High-fibre foods-five will help to improve your heart health and digestive functions.

High antioxidant foods-antioxidants like flavonoids, vitamins C and vitamins E are present in fruits and vegetables like berries, green vegetables, and citrus fruits.

Natural diuretics- fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, basil etc.; fennel; dandelion; greens; cucumber; asparagus and celery are such products.

Magnesium rich foods- leafy greens, avocado, cruciferous vegetables, bananas and sweet potatoes are high in magnesium.


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