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How to ensure better bra health

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Do you really need to wear bra? What are the benefits of it? There are many benefits of bra but to get all the benefits they should be properly fitted. Better bra health is possible if you know how to achieve that.

Get measured

You only should wear a bra that fits you perfectly. It is really surprising that more than 80% of women wearing the wrong bra size. You should not wear a wrong size because it has potential health risks. Your body nature really changes as you age and so the bra size will also fluctuate. That is why, it is very important for you to get measured each year so that you can find a bra that fits you well.

Choose the right cup size

there are soft cups, full cups, push-ups, wireless, bandeaus and others and sometimes it can be difficult for you to choose one from so many. However, the bra style will depend mostly on your cup size. If you have a smaller bust, you need minimal support and in that case, bandeaus and wireless bra will be good for you. If you have a large bust, full-cup bras may be better for you because they will keep the breasts in place. It will also prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Find the right bra with the right cup size from a good collection of different types of bras like Knix.

Comfort is better than couture

Lace, jewels, pearls, push-ups and pastels look good and they are sexy. You can definitely away them sometimes to change how you feel and to make yourself more seductive. But for the regular use, sensibility is more important which means you need properly fitted and comfortable bras for your daily life.

Do not wear it to bed

Some may like to wear it to bed because they believe it maintains shape. Many others experience that if you wear your bra to the bed, it can promote swelling, prevent natural detoxification by restricting blood flow and lymphatic drainage and may also cause build-up of fluid.