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4 Health Benefits of Senior Sex Proven by Science

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Health benefits of senior sex range from improved brain activity, to insomnia treatment, to the reduction in heart attack and cancer risks. One also shouldn't forget that having sex when both partners are experienced and mature is an exceptionally pleasurable experience for both of them. So forget all the nasty stories you've heard about how sex stops when you get older and listen to the scientists, who claim it's one of the best types of exercise for seniors.

Health Benefits of Senior Sex Backed by Studies

1.      Better Sleep

The frequency of insomnia and other sleep disorders is higher in the senior population to the point that over 50% of the elderly report some type of sleep problems. Contrary to a popular belief, this is not normal and seniors require the same 7-9 hours of sleep daily.

Having an intercourse helps one fall asleep easier due to the release of oxytocin, the so-called ˜cuddle hormone'. The act also brings down the levels of ˜stress hormone' cortisol, which is another reason it helps you relax and generally boosts your wellbeing.

2.      Better Blood Flow

Sex is an exercise that causes a positive hormonal burst and literally gets your blood flowing. In essence, it has all the benefits of an aerobic workout. However, the unique mix of pleasure hormones makes an intercourse a much ˜easier' type of exercise as your body literally makes you fly through it. The boost in blood flow improves your health on every level, but has a few very specific benefits for the seniors.

Better blood flow means you have a generally lower risk of cardiovascular problems, because your vessels and heart get regular healthy exercise. Men have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer and erectile problems.

Note that many men over 40 suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. The problem has many causes but it's treatable in the majority of cases. If you have this issue, look through natural supplements to find the best male enhancement pills that work. These products usually contain a selection of herbs that boost blood flow, like maca powder or yohimbe. Once you get over the initial problem, having sex regularly will help reduce the number of episodes.

The situation for women is very similar. One of the health benefits of senior sex is a lower risk of genital dryness. This condition is common in post-menopausal women and it can make intercourse painful. However once you get some treatment and the dryness abates, having regular sex will keep it at bay. Note that using a lubricant will definitely be a good idea at all times.

3.      Brainpower Boost

Researchers from the Coventry University determined that one of the health benefits of senior sex is a literal boost in brain function. This means a boost in concentration and even visuospatial ability. The study also caught improvements in cognition.

This study also concluded that increasing the frequency of intercourse increases the benefits.

4.      Improved Mood

Psychology Today states that regular senior sex is associated with fewer reports of depression and overall subjective reports of happy feelings. Relationships where partners are sexually active also have a higher level of marital satisfaction.

Being intimate with your partner helps you maintain a strong emotional connection, which strengthens your bond and overall increases satisfaction with your relationship. Therefore, you should never pay attention to any myths that claim sex to be dangerous for seniors and just follow the call of your heart and body.