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How to get single digit body fat

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If you want to get to single digit body fat, it is possible to do that because so many people have done in. But you need to know how to do that because it's not that easy when you don't know what to do.

Decide your macros

You cannot get single visit body fat by accident. You will need to track your foods that you eat every day so as to ensure that you are getting each micronutrient (proteins, carbs and fats) in the right proportion and amount.

Multiply your body weight in pound by 12 to find the number of calories you need to eat. If you are overweight or obese and you want to reduce your body weight, in that case you will have to take the bodyweight wary you want to reach and then multiply it by 12.

You will need to consume 1 g of protein per pound of your body weight every day (1 gm protein contains 4 calories). 30% of your calories should come from fat. To make it easier for counting decide the amount of calories coming from fat by nine (because 1 g of fat contains 9 calories) and you will get the amount of fat you need to consume every day in grams. The rest of the calories should come from carbohydrate. Subtract the protein calories and the fat calories and you will get the calories that you need to get from carbohydrate. Divide this calorie from carbohydrate by 4 to get the amount of carbohydrate you need to consume in grams.

Eat the healthiest foods

When you want to get to single digit body fat, you will need to eat the healthiest foods. The protein that you need should come from animals and should be lean. The carbs should come from mostly starches like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice and others. The fat intake should come from as a by-product of the protein containing foods. You can also include avocados and coconut oil to get the extra fat necessary for you. You do not need lots of fruits just one or two pieces a day should be good enough for you.

Cycle your carbs

Once you start to see definition in your midsection but you feel that your progress is slowing down, you will need to provide a kick to your metabolism. Make some changes in your macros by using a cycle of lower and higher carb days. Increase the number of calories you are consuming every day and at the same time reduce the amount of carbohydrates and then after a few days increase the calories farther more while increasing the amount of carbohydrates per pound of bodyweight.

Focus on your lifestyle

You will need to build your lifestyle around training and nutrition so that you can optimise your performance. Athletes often do that and that's why most of them have single digit body fat. You should be ready to do that if you want to get to single digit body fat. You will need to sleep at least seven hours a night and drink water, lots of it, throughout the day. Drinking more water will increase your energy expenditure and will help you to lose more fat from the body. Also try to reduce your stress as much possible. You can practice yoga or meditate and also go for lifting weights. You will need at least three days of full-bodied training to reach your objective. Always focus on compound exercises which will walk different muscle groups at the same time.


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