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Reasons why you should avoid fat at all costs

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If your body is storing more and more fat, you should be very careful about because it can be dangerous for your life. It is very important to understand that you need to avoid fat at all costs. Why?

More body fat means low testosterone

When your body has more fat, it is more likely to have low levels of testosterone. Testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen insight fat tissues. So, the more fat you have, the more conversions will happen in your body. Besides lower levels of testosterone, you will have more female hormone in your body. You don’t one that.

Testosterone is the greatest factor in muscle growth and fat loss. If the testosterone level in your body is not optimal, even if you spend more time in the gym, you will not be able to build muscle and burn more fat.

Reduced insulin sensitivity

The more body fat you have, the lower will be your insulin sensitivity. Building muscle is directly related to your level of insulin sensitivity. If you have a higher sensitivity, your body will drive nutrients into muscle cells and you will build bigger and stronger muscles. If your body is less insulin sensitive, it will drive nutrients into fat cells. If you’re not paying attention to the timing of your nutrients, than you are negatively affecting your body’s insulin sensitivity. Also if the quality of the food you are consuming is not high, it will also reduce insulin sensitivity. With low levels of insulin sensitivity, your ability to gain muscle and lose body fat will go down.

Fat cell hyperplasia

If you consider fat cells in your body as little bags when body fat increases, those bags will fill up but they can only hold a definite amount of fat. When the bags fill up, as a defence mechanism your body will need to find a place to store new fat and so it will start creating new fat cells. When you are losing fat, your body can only make the existing fat cells smaller by fat loss, it cannot remove fat cells from your body. So if new fat cells are added to your body, your body will start to store more fat and losing that extra fat will be very difficult. It will be more and more difficult for you to get lean in the future.

Better immune system and less inflammation

When your body has low fat levels, the possibility of having a healthier immune system and less inflammation will increase. On the other hand, the stronger your immune system is, the less likely you are at risk for minor infractions or serious illness. The less inflammation your body has, the healthier the joints will be and you’ll be able to lift more weights and loads. So, when you reduce the amount of fat present in your body, you will also reduce the risk of infections, diseases and injuries. At the same time you’ll be able to train at higher intensity and effort and that will help you to gain more muscle and become healthier than before.

By losing fat or not allowing your body to store more fat, you can save your body from serious problems and can also ensure that it is running at the fullest and optimal extent possible.

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