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Problems with the traditional penis enlargement programs

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You will find that there are so many advertisements are going around about penis enlargement programs. Increasing the size and the girth is very important for you because that will affect your life directly. However, there are so many different enlargement programs available that it may be difficult for you to decide what to choose.

There are some problems with the traditional penis enlargement programs. Let's find out what these programs are and what you need to do about them.


There are surgeries available which can help you to increase the size and girth of your penis. However, you need to know that these surgeries are very expensive. And even if you can pay for them, you cannot be sure about the effectiveness of those surgeries. A study found that people who underwent such surgical procedures where reportedly unsatisfied with the results. If you have lots of money and you want to waste some of them than it should not be a problem. However, those surgeries may have some negative impact on the health of your penis and that can be a big concern for anyone who wants to undergo such surgeries. If you're comfortable with the image of somebody opening up your penis with a knife, then you can go ahead and go for the surgery.


There are hundreds of pills available which claim to increase your penis size. But are you sure what is their inside those pills? Many of them are also sold on the Internet and many are available in different stores. There are reports that many of those pills may contain harmful chemicals which may negatively impact your sexual and dental health. Moreover, you cannot be sure which of them work for sure. Instead of gulping down those pills, why not find a safer and more effective method?

Penis pump

The penis pump is said to help you increase your penis size. You need to insert it into a tube, which is connected to a pump. Then you need to pump to suck blood into your penis. Such pumps may grow your penis temporarily but it will not have any lasting effect. They may also have some harmful and dangerous effect on your penis. If you use them incorrectly, they can cause injuries. There may be possibility of accidents. Any such accident will be very painful. There are other methods which are less dangerous and less prone to accidents.

Clamping, pulling and stretching

Some methods advocate clamping, stretching or pulling of the penis to increase its size and girth. These are probably the stupidest methods anyone can use. There are very dangerous for your health. It is possible that you will seriously injure your penis while performing these techniques. Just think about the possibility of hanging some weight from your penis. How do you feel? It is not possible to enlarge it by pulling, clamping or stretching. You simply should avoid these techniques because you do not want to try any of them with your delicate organ.

Cosmetic techniques

There are some cosmetic techniques which can make your penis look bigger. They are not meant to enlarge your tool but just to make them look bigger. Some of those cosmetic techniques include trimming of the pubic hair and losing weight. You can always go for those techniques because they do not cost much and most of them may be easy to do. However, they do not actually work to enlarge your tool. You need some effective techniques which will actually increase the size and girth of your organ.

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