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Exercises is better than pills and surgery in case of penis enlargement

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If the guys answer honestly the question about whether you wish you were bigger, the answer is almost certainly yes. A guy always wish his penis were an inch or two longer. That is why there are so many different types of penis enlargement tools, techniques and methods.

There are many dubious and very few working solutions for penis enlargement including penis pills, creams, exercises, horrific -looking devices and penis surgery. Not all of them work. It is difficult for you to find out which of the methods and techniques can help you to add an inch or 2 to your existing to. Many products and tools have modest benefits and serious side effects. You should be very careful while choosing that the tool or technique.

Do pills work?

There are no legitimate medical studies that can conform the claims made by different producers of penis enhancement pills. Even after that there are so many different pills available which claim to enhance the size because it is a big industry and there are so much money to be made. These pills do not work and many other creams, lotions, supplements also do not work. Such treatments had they been effective and approved, they would have been available through pharmacies and not some online illegitimate pharmacies. These pills can be dangerous for you and may harm more than do good and so you should be more careful while using them.

Penis enlargement surgery

Some doctors may advise surgery for correcting a defect, treating an injury or improving its function. However, not many doctors will advise surgery for increasing penis length or width. It is a controversial and rare solution. It has many risks and so this is not something that can be taken lightly. It comes with the risk of infection, scaring and loss of function and that is something you don't want. Not enough studies have been done on the potential risk of benefits of the surgery to ensure whether it's safe and effective or not. It is very risky and so it is always better to avoid such surgeries because the risk may easily outweigh the benefits you may achieve.

Penis enlargement exercises

These exercises work and they are essential for the simple reasons why exercises are good for your overall health. Allowing adequate amount of blood flow is very important for your muscle and different parts of the body. The same way, adequate amount of blood flow is also important for your penis to work properly. If the exercises help you to ensure more blood flow to the penis, then may work for you.

There are different techniques available which offer you different types of exercises that are likely to help you to enhance your size. If you can stimulate creation of new vessels which will take more blood to the organ, it will help you to increase the size by making it bigger and longer.

There are many popular exercises which can offer you real benefits. One such technique is jelqing exercises which can help you to nature really increase the size of your penis. In this technique, you need to use a hand over hand rolling motion which helps you to more blood from the head of your penis and stretching. It is also known as milking. Such type of exercises may help you to increase the size of your tool.


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