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Exercises for increasing your penis size

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There are different penile exercises available which will help you to increase the size of your penis. If you continue to exercise for about three months, you may achieve an average increase of 1 inch. It will also help you to increase the girth by 1 inch.

The benefits

The benefits of exercising your penis are many. Among them the following are the basic ones-

Increase in size

Regular exercising will help you to increase your penis size. It may increase in length and also in volume.

Better erections

With these exercises, you will also be able to create a harder, stronger and longer lasting erections. That will not only please you but it will also please your partner. When you continue to exercise regularly, you will not need to take medicines to improve your erection strength. You don't have to take any erection drugs anymore after you exercise for a few months.

Stop premature ejaculation

When you exercise your penis, it will also help you to stop premature ejaculation. It will also help you to have multiple orgasms. Exercises will help you because they will create a strong pelvic region for you which will help you to control your ejaculation. The stronger your pelvic region becomes, easier it will be for you to control your ejaculation. If you have more control over your ejaculation, it will help you to have better and more organism during sexual encounters.

Many other benefits

When you perform different penile exercises, you will also get other benefits. You will have a healthier penis and genital area and that will increase your libido, improve your prostate health, create stronger organisms and will provide you with other benefits.

One important exercise

Jelqing is a very important exercise which will help to improve your penile health and increase the size of your penis. For jelqing, you need to start and exercise with a warm wrap. It is essential because it will ensure that the tissues are relaxed, which will minimize the risk of injury during the exercise. It is very important to continue with the proper form to avoid any possible injury. You need to put the thumb and index finger in an ok style and wrap them around the base of your penis. The penis should be in a partially erect state. The wrap will reduce the blood flow. Now, you need to draw the creep away from the base towards the tip. It is like a milking motion. Once you are done with one hand, you should alternate with the other hand. Just remember to keep the correct form while doing this. A stroke should take about three seconds. Like other exercises, you should perform this exercise every day to get the best results.

Never do this when your penis is fully erect because that can result in serious vein damage. The results of the exercise will be noticeable within a few weeks. If you're not sure how to do it, you can always take a look at tutorials and videos to find out the right way of doing it. There are different jelqing exercises available among which Arabic jelqing is a very good technique.


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