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Alkaline foods that help in burning fat

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Because of our diet or body can accumulate a seed in excess amount and as a result of that the whole body may become acidic. But your body is meant to be an alkaline organism. When it becomes acidic several problems arise. You need to stop consuming more acidic foods and should include more alkaline foods into your diet. The pH level of your body should be 7.4, which is slightly alkaline which will keep your body in good health.

There is another problem if your body is too much acidic. Your body will start taking alkalizing substances from the bones and vital tissues to neutralize the acid and that can result in different types of health issues and problems including difficulty in losing weight.

If you’re trying to burn more fat and lose belly fat, alkaline foods can help you to do so. These foods will also help you to protect your overall well-being. Let’s find out the foods that you can eat to burn more fat from your body.


Melon is one of the best alkaline foods. It has a pH of 8.5 and about 92% of it is water. It is also a natural laxative which will help your body to cleanse unwanted toxins.


Even though Lemon is thought to be an acidic food, it works to alkalize your body. If you drink a glass of lemon water every morning it will help you to burn more fat from your body besides providing other important health benefits.


It is a nutrient packed powerhouse which contains high levels of calcium. The calcium levels present in almonds is higher than any other nut. It also carries high levels of magnesium. It is an alkaline forming food which should be there in your diet. You can even consume it as a snack to get all the health benefits it has to offer to you.


It is known as a powerful antioxidant and so it is very much beneficial for your health. It contains high levels of chlorophyll which is a potent alkalizer. It will help you to build more blood. Spinach will also help you to improve your metabolism and burn more fat from the body.


Ginger is a superfood and so it should be there in your diet. It is full of detoxifying properties and so it can remove the toxins from your body. It is an alkaline food which you can add to different dishes and also to drinks. You’ll be able to remove the damaging acids and inflammations with the help of a little bit of ginger in your food every day. It is also very good in helping you to improve your metabolism and burn more fat from different parts of your body.


It is a leafy green vegetable which is alkaline in nature. Besides helping you with burning more fat, it will also help you to fight cancer. Kale will help you in detoxifying your complete body. It is a cholesterol-lowering and antioxidant rich natural product.


Garlic has antimicrobial properties and it is well-known for different health benefits it has to offer. It can also regulate your blood pressure. Since it is highly alkaline it will help you to regulate body pH which will help you to burn more fat besides helping you to prevent many other health problems in future.


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