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How women can burn more fat

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The following tips and techniques will help women to burn more fat. The process of burning fat for women may be different from men and so they may need to use different tools and techniques.

Do not diet

If you are trying to lose more fat, and you believe someone who told you to diet, probably you are making a mistake. You don't have to stop eating or eat less. Rather you need to eat more nutrient rich food so that he can eliminate the empty calories and the foods offering them. If you start stopping eating, then it may slow down your metabolism and with slower metabolism, how can you expect to burn more fat?

If you continue to diet and eat less food, your body will start to break down your muscle tissues for the necessary energy. It will also increase the possibility of deposition of visceral fat. Instead of burning fat, you will start adding more fat to your body.


If you continuously remain inactive for a longer duration, it may result in shutdown of an enzyme which is responsible for fat and cholesterol metabolism. That's why you need to stand more than you sit. You need to ensure that the enzyme responsible for metabolism of fat and cholesterol is active so that you can burn more calories and fat. If you need to sit down for a longer duration, you can always break it into small periods and stand in between those periods. Specially, you can always stand when talking on the phone, which will also ensure that you are standing up for some time during the day.

Become an organic believer

The organochlorines present in different pesticides are stored in fat cells. If that happens with your body, your metabolism will drop drastically. It probably happens due to interference of the chemical toxins with the energy burning process in your body. So, when you are eating fruits and vegetables, meat and other products laced with different types of chemical and pesticides, losing fat and weight will be very difficult for you.

If you start eating organic, your body will not receive the harmful chemicals. You will not only stay healthy, and safe from different diseases, but it will also ensure that all the functions in your body are happening properly. Try to buy organic products especially for food items like salary, strawberries, apples, peaches, blueberries, spinach, collard greens, potatoes, kale etc. which you do not peel.

Eat more protein

You will need to add more protein to your diet when you want to burn more fat. Protein is necessary because your body needs to maintain lean muscle. Make sure you find out how much protein per pound of bodyweight is necessary for you. Adding more lean meat, nuts, low-fat yoghurt to your existing diet will help you to add more protein to your body. Protein is also necessary for you occurs it can increase the calorie burn after your meal by up to 35%, which means you will be able to burn more calories and thereby burn more fat from your body and stop fat from depositing in your body.

Drink cold water

Cold water can help you to burn more fat. German researchers found that if you drink 6 cups of cold water every day, it can increase your resting metabolism and help you to burn 50 more calories daily. It is like burning more calories without any effort. It happens because your body needs to use energy to heat the water to take it to body temperature. So, start drinking cold water today.

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