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Natural remedies for toothache

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The following are the natural remedies for toothache. These remedies can help you to get rid of the pain associated with such problem.

1. Clove oil

Clove oil can reduce the toothache because it contains a natural anaesthetic known as eugenol. When the nerves comes into contact with eugenol, they are numbed by this natural anaesthetic. Take a cotton ball and adds a drop or two of clove oil and apply it on the throbbing tooth. However, the relief will last only for a short duration. It may also create problems if it comes in contact with areas of your mouth that are very sensitive.

2. Saltwater

Saltwater can also help you to get relief from toothache. It works because it can cleanse the affected area and remove the debris, which will offer you temporarily relief. You can swish saltwater in your mouth for 30 seconds. If necessary, repeat the process. The saltwater will help you by eliminating some nasty bacteria and festering pus. However, it will offer you only short time relief.

3. Vanilla extract

In vanilla extract you will find alcohol and alcohol is effective against toothache. The alcohol will numb the affected area and will thereby offer relief to you. The scent of vanilla is also soothing and relaxing and it can reduce your toothache.

You can dab a little bit of vanilla extract on your finger and rub the tooth and the gum with the extract. You can take a cotton ball and apply little bit of vanilla extract and plays the cotton ball on the affected area. It may be necessary to repeat this process 2 to 3 times every day. It offers you temporarily relief and so you will need to reapply vanilla extract to extend the relief period. This is not the method suitable for children because it contains alcohol.

4. Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea can help you to get relief from toothache. You can use a wet and used teabag to calm sensitive skin. It has a numbing capacity which will help you to get relief. You can directly apply a cooled teabag on the area. You can also keep the teabag in the fridge for a few minutes before application. You will need to keep the teabag on the affected area for about 20 minutes. It will reduce your pain but the relief will be for a short time.

5. Garlic

Garlic works as an antibiotic and so it can reduce and eliminate the growth of bacteria around the affected tooth. You can mash a garlic clove and add the little bit of salt and apply the paste to the throbbing tooth. You can also take a clove of garlic and then chew it. That will also help you. If necessary, you can repeat the process. Garlic is only effective against bacteria causing toothache, but it is not effective against other to disorders. Another problem with garlic is that your mouth will smell foul after using or chewing garlic.

6. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide

Hydration parasite is useful because it can cleanse your affected tooth. Please more effective than saline or saltwater. Hydrogen peroxide can attack and destroy bacteria that is causing toothache. You need to makes 3% hydrogen peroxide and water mixture and use the mixture to swish in your mouth for about 30 seconds. If necessary, you may need to repeat it once or twice. This natural method offers temporarily relief from toothache. It is also useful because it can keep away gingivitis. However it is not very safe because if you ingest it, it can cause stomach or intestinal problems.

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