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Natural remedies for joint pain

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The following natural remedies will help you to get relief from joint pain.


Swimming, water aerobics and any other aquatic activities can help you to keep your joint pain away. It may be difficult for you to get down in the swimming pool if you are suffering from pain. But swimming can help you to get rid of the pain and also to stop it from coming back. When an exercise in water, it reduces pain and at the same time improves your physical functioning. It is truer in case of people who are suffering from osteoarthritis of the lower portion of their body. Scientists also found that 45 minutes of aquatic circuit training can help you to get relief from knee osteoarthritis pain.


A bouncer can help you to get relief from pain and it was scientifically proven. It is an alternative treatment option that can provide you relief from pain and stiffness. In this method, needles are inserted in specific points of your body. You need to go and see an expert who knows what he is doing. You may need to visit him several times before you see good results.

Eat more fish

Fish is beneficial for you if you are suffering from joint pain because fish contain omega-3 fatty acids and they have anti-inflammatory properties. It can also go for fish oil supplements because they are also effective against joint pain. If you regularly eat fish or take the fish oil supplements, over a period of a few weeks, your joint pain will reduce and functioning of the journal will also improve. When you eat more fish or take omega-3 fatty acids, you can reduce your dependency on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Use pain relieving creams and ointments

Pain relieving creams and ointments can help you to get rid of the joint pain you are suffering from. Such products generally contain capsicin, which is the substance responsible for heat in hot peppers. Such products use up substance P, which is a chemical that is responsible for stimulating pain receptors and as a result of that young guards do not feel pain in the joints. Such capsicin creams are available in pharmacies near you in the form of over-the-counter medicines.

Try a martial art

It may be a little difficult for you to initially with the joint pain, but within a short time practicing any martial art will help you by increasing flexibility and reducing your joint pain and inflammation. Tai chi or any other martial art will stand in the muscles around your joints and they will also increase your range of motion. Both of these are very much beneficial for you when you have joint pain because they can help you by reducing your joint pain. Pain, stiffness and physical function will be improved by the martial arts and that will help you for a long duration. Karate, kung fu, tai chi, judo are some of the different types of martial arts available and you can choose one depending on your liking. This is a habit which will not only help you with your joints, but will also ensure that you have overall better health.

Take supplements

Certain supplements can help you to get relief from joint pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are useful in eliminating the pain associated with joint pain. If you can get a supplement with this combo, it will help you to get immediate relief. There are some other supplements which are specifically created for people suffering from joint pain and you can always consider such supplements.


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