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Three main causes of chronic knee pain

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If you are suffering from chronic knee pain, there may be three reasons for it. These are the main causes of chronic joint pain seen in different individual. Let's find out more about them.

Cellular inflammation

According to the Mayo Clinic inflammation is one of the major causes of joint pain. It is more so in case of adults over 45. It is seen that some of the most common symptoms of ageing which include pains, aches and fatigue all result from inflammation. When there is inflammation inside the joint it will cause pains, aches and fatigue. The everyday joint pain that you experience is because of the inflammation in the joints. Inflammation is the root cause of the pain that you feel.

Your immune system may not work properly and as a result of that it may really is inflammatory chemicals which will attack your joint tissue. As a result of that inflammation happens and joint swelling, increased joint fluid, cartilage and bone damage and muscle loss may also be seen. In such a situation, nerves in the joints are activated and they cause pain. Sometimes the inflammatory chemicals released by your body may also directly activate the nerves of the body and that may result in pain.

Postural misalignment

Your posture may also be the cause of knee pain and joint pain. How you stand, walk and sit can decide whether you will have knee problems on not. It is the silent killer and so you don't know about it even though it is hurting you. Even if you have only 5% misalignment of your knee, it can cause 70 to 90% increase in added stress inside the joint. Such increase in load can create many times increase in the risk of worse knee health within a few months. The chances of misalignment increases if you are overweight.

When your spine is in alignment and the posture is right, you'll be able to walk better, sit better and you will not suffer from back pain, headaches or neck pain. Similarly if you have correct foot posture, there won't be any problem and pain. If your foot posture is not correct, that will create a stress on the knees, pelvis and the spine. Then there will be problems. Postural misalignment or wrong postures will rub things in the wrong way and you will experience knee pain and joint pain.

Cartilage deterioration

You may also suffer from knee and joint pain because of cartilage deterioration. Joint instability can be one of the major causes of cartilage breakdown. If you experience soreness or a swelling after activity or shifting, popping or a cracking, it may mean that you have low cartilage in your joint. Most of the time cartilage breakdown can happen because of a common condition known as lose joints.

You may also experience inflammation, stiffness and range limitation when you suffer from cartilage deterioration. Some of the most common causes of such problem are direct blow, wear and tear and lack of movement.

If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, it is very important that you try to understand why that is happening. Your doctor may be able to help you to find out the main reason for your knee pain. If you are suffering from knee joint pain, you should see a doctor immediately or take corrective actions so that you don't have to suffer for a long.


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