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Prevent knee pain with these ideas

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Knees are the largest joint in your body. It takes on its fair share of impact. Knee pain and knee problems are very common and it is cleaning case of people of different ages. There are a few tips which can help you to prevent knee pain.

Stretching is good for your knees

Stretching is always good for you and it is also good for your knees. Those stretches that focus on the calf, hamstrings and quadriceps are good for you because that will take pressure off of the knees and kneecaps. Many people may believe that stretching is a waste of time but that is not true at all. Stretching will ensure that you have a well conditioned and flexible body and such a body will not result in over use problems in the knees. There are many good stretches available which can protect the knees and they include step ups, hamstring curls and straight leg lifts. You also need stretches that focus on building flexibility in the hips which include butterfly stretch and standing hip flexor with a resistance band. All such stretching will help you to get rid of knee pain.

Don’t skip the exercise

You should not skip the exercise even when you have structural problems. Here, structural problems mean arthritis and such other structural knee problems. Strength training with special focus on the muscles in the quadriceps and hamstrings can help you to decrease pain in your knees. They will also make those muscles stronger and thereby will help you to tolerate any structural problems that you may have. Just remember to know your limits and stay within that. Staying active will also help you by controlling weight and ensuring that it doesn’t go beyond the limit. Building muscle will also help you to protect your knees from further damage.

The best exercises that you can perform to prevent knee problems and being include nonimpact aerobic exercises like walking on level ground, training on an elliptical machine, swimming, water aerobics, exercising on a stationary bike etc. Just remember to avoid any type of activities that put extra stress on the knees and such activities include kneeling, deep knee bends and downhill running.

Lose some weight

You will find out that your weight plays a major role in knee pain. If you have more bodyweight than you should, then it will create problems for your back, hips and knees. If you are overweight for several years, it can take a toll on your knees. That is why it is very important for you to lose the extra weight. When you take one step, 2 to 4 times your body weight is transmitted through the knee joint. It means the more bodyweight you have, the harder the impact is on your knee joint.

If you’re overweight and you have arthritic knee pain, you can reduce knee pain impact and ultimately get rid of knee pain by losing weight. People who suffer from arthritic knee can lose 20% of their pain with every 10 pounds of weight loss. You can use any type of method to lose the extra weight but you will get more benefit by adding some stretching and flexibility training.

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