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Stronger, healthier and more efficient with Autonomic Nervous System

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Autonomic nervous system

Your nervous system has an area which is known as the autonomic nervous system. This nervous system is mostly responsible for unconsciously regulating your body’s functions such as the agitation, pupillary response, respiratory rate, sexual arousal, urination and heart rate.

Autonomic nervous system has two branches. The first branch is sympathetic (fight or flight) and the second branches parasympathetic (rest and digest).

Sympathetic system will increase the speed of work of your organs and glands and parasympathetic will reduce it. In case of autonomic nervous system imbalance, the balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic system is lost.

The autonomic nervous system benefit


The autonomic nervous system can turn your performance, health and life around. It can boost your productivity by 500%, improve your learning speed by several times, can increase your creativity, eliminate stress and fear, increase testosterone, reverse conditions of diabetes, help you to lose weight, cure depression, your anxiety, improve sleeping problems, accelerate recovery time, help your heart problems, lower cholesterol levels, stop asthma and help you with gastrointestinal problems. It can help in so many different problems because the main reason behind so many problems is imbalances in your autonomic nervous system.

The reason for imbalance

The reason for imbalances simple. It’s a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs your physical and mental equilibrium. It is known as-stress.

However, you cannot avoid stress. Whenever you are eating, breathing, walking and talking of doing anything in your day-to-day life, you are creating stress on your system. If you try to hide from stress, that’ll be you’re the biggest mistake. You will need to learn to work with stress. You will need to regain your control over it.

There are two types of stress

According to the Hungarian-Canadian endocrinologist Dr Hans Selye, who coined the term “stress,” there are two types of stress- good stress and bad stress.

Good stress or Eustress is moderate or normal psychological stress which is beneficial for the person experiencing it. Bad stress or distress is the negative stress that happens when you cannot adapt to the stress.

The balance

When both the sympathetic and parasympathetic parts of the autonomic nervous system are in coherence, you will reach a state of mind which can help you to do wonderful things and it can also help you to improve your body and its functions. Scientific studies done on Franciscan nuns and Tibetan monks during their meditation practices found fascinating similarities in the areas of the brain which where lighting up and other areas lessening.

The optimal performance state

The optimal performance state is known as the flow state. You can get performance spike in your skills, sport or profession if you can align your nervous system with the optimal performance state. For optimal performance, you will need a balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Such a balance will not only help you to get optimal performance, but it will also help you to get great health and better recovery.

From balance, the optimal performance state can be achieved. It will offer you all the benefits mentioned above. If you know about the autonomic nervous system and how to balance both the parts of this nervous system, it’ll be possible for you to reach the optimal performance stay which will not only help you to do better but will also help you to become healthy both physically and mentally.


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