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How to lose fat faster than others

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The following tips will help you to lose fat faster than other people. These are some of the smaller things but which have significant impact on your efforts to lose fat.


Whenever you are performing any type of exercise, it is very important that you warmup completely. It will not only save you from any possible injury but it will also help you to lose fat faster. When you warmup it helps you to increase your heart rate progressively. While warming up, you need to focus on large muscles like the quads and hamstrings. A proper warmup will get your muscles and ligaments ready to do more and for a longer duration. Ankle circles, knee stretches, knees circles are some of the most important warmup exercises.

Do not rush recovery

During working out, you should never rush recovery. The recovery period is also important when you are performing any type of exercise. So, do not rush into the next exercise until you are really ready for it. When you rush to the next exercise, you lose two things- first, the benefit of the recovery period and second, you are not able to perform the next exercise as efficiently as you should. When you transition your body from a state of rest to a state of activity, your body will burn more calories. So, completely rest before you go for the next exercise. Even when you feel that you can start again just after 30 seconds, it may be better to wait till one minute before you start your next exercise or the next set.

Gradually increase your speed outdoors

If you are exercising outdoors, do not start with 100% of your top speed. Instead, start with 50% of your top speed on the first interval if you are running outside. Then on the next interval, you can go for 60% to 70%. As you get into the groove of the exercise, you can gradually increase your speed to 100% and push yourself as hard as you can.

Focus on intensity

The number of intervals you perform in any given day is important but what is more important for you is the intensity of the exercise that you perform. And it is more important than your number of intervals. The overall intensity of the intervals is where your focus should be because that will help you to burn more fat and lose fat faster.

Straighten up

Whenever you are performing any type of cardio exercise on a cardio machine, if you straighten up you will be able to burn more fat. Almost everyone leans forward when they perform cardio machine because it makes the effort a little less as gravity will pull you forward. Try to stay upright during your screens and it will increase the intensity on your muscles during the exercise and that will help you to burn more fat.

Stay motivated

If you are not motivated enough, the journey to lose more fat can be a very disturbing and difficult one. You will need regular and daily motivation for yourself to do whatever it takes to lose the extra fat in your body. Even though it sounds simple, it is not that simple. If you practically can see the changes happening in your body, that will definitely motivate you a lot.

You can measure your body fat every two weeks with the help of the fat caliper. When you will see that the body fat percentage is going down gradually, that will help you to push more to decrease it more. Also measure your waist every two weeks and take pictures of your body at the same time.


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